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 “Three people killed in any event shocks the consciousness of a community,” says NOPD Superintendent Ronald Serpas.

 One week after 39-year-old NOPD dispatcher Christine George and two of her adult children were ambushed in their Gentilly garage, the NOPD has announced the arrest of 41-year-old Shawn Peterson.

 “This was a very dangerous man who was able to kill his own child, was able to kill his longtime girlfriend, was able to kill her daughter. We hope that this investigation and subsequent prosecution will result in guilty verdicts and this man will be held accountable for the horrendous acts that he commuted just a week ago tonight,” says NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

 WGNO has exclusive video of Peterson as he walked out of NOPD Headquarters after hours of questioning last week. The convicted felon who has been in and out of prison most of his adult life is now accused of murdering 39-year-old Christine George, her 20-year-old daughter Trisa, and their 18-year-old son Leonard.

 Friends say Peterson was her on again off again boyfriend. Detectives say he has a long history of domestic violence.

The person of interest in Wednesday night’s triple homicide has been released.

Shawn Peterson was not a suspect, but police believed he may have had information to help with the death investigation of a 9-1-1 dispatcher and her two adult children.

News Reporter Darian Trotter was there when Peterson finished talking to homicide detectives.

WGNO has exclusive video of Shawn Peterson walking out of NOPD Headquarters, after hours of interrogation.

The convicted felon was named a person of interest in Wednesday night’s triple homicide.

“They nice neighbors, they ain’t never did nobody nothing to deserve nothing like this,” Simone Boyer said.

“I’m still in shock, I’m still in shock,” a neighbor said.

A neighbor who did not want to be identified, was the one who first heard what she describes as six to eight gunshots around eleven o’clock.

Then she discovered the bodies of 39-year old police dispatcher Christine George, and her two adult children, 20-year old Tresa, and 18-year old Leonard.

“Well I came to the front door, I found her son screaming,” the neighbor said. “I got him to console him and then my husband went to the back so as soon as he got to the back that’s when he noticed the garage open and peeped in and saw her car still running and her baby lying there.”

WGNO News has learned Christine George had just finished her evening shift, when two of her four children picked her up  from the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center.

It’s believed the three had just arrived home when they were ambushed in a hail of gunfire, inside the family’s garage.

“She was in very very good spirits, yesterday; very happy,” an unnamed co-worker said.

Co-workers were distraught, as they prepared for evening watch for the first time in years without their friend.

“Christine was a giving person,” the woman said. “She loved to cook, and if you ask her for something, if she had it, you had it.”

“It’s disturbing, you never really think you would actually have somebody murdered next to you,” the unidentified neighbor said.

Family members at the scene say Shawn Peterson had an “on-again, off-again” relationship with Christine George; and he’s Leonard George’s father.

We spoke to the man police had named a person of interest off camera. He denies having anything to do with what happened here saying he’d never do anything to harm the people he called his family.

Trotter asked, “Has there ever been any trouble at the home? No not like talking about it, no,” Boyer replied.

Police are not saying much about a possible suspect or motive in the case.  An investigation continues.


(photo from WGNO’s Darian Trotter)

New Orleans Homicide Detectives are investigating a triple homicide involving one of their own.

It happened Wednesday night in Gentilly.

Police say a mother and two of her children were shot to death.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter was on the scene. He files this report.

“I’m just speechless right now, because I can’t believe this you know,” neighbor Simone Boyer said.

Homicide Detectives scoured the area surrounding a home in the 4400-hundred block of Jeannie Marie Place in Gentilly.

They were searching for clues in the death investigation of one of their own.

The victim’s frantic son, alerted neighbors.

“Just running up and down the street hollering, he shot my mom but then after we found out, it was more than just the mother,” neighbor Brenda Cook said.

Police  tell WGNO News a police dispatcher and two of her children were fatally shot around eleven o’clock Wednesday night.

Neighbors report hearing a series of gunfire; but it was Simone Boyer’s mother who made the gruesome discovery.

“She heard the gunfire and then went out to see what was going on and she found these bodies in the garage, so that hurts her, you know,”  Boyer said.

Crime Scene Detectives discovered the body of the 41-year old dispatcher, her 18-year old son, and 20-year old daughter in the rear of the home, inside of the family’s garage.

It was the beginning of a night long investigation that left many onlookers with more questions than answers.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood, you know, you never hear anything like that,” Cook said.

A large contingent of NOPD Officers was present on the scene, including Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

All were visibly shaken; so too were dozens of neighbors who could not believe the hard-working mother of four would fall victim to an emergency, for which there would be no help.

Early Thursday morning investigators had not identified the suspected shooter.


(photo from WGNO’s Darian Trotter)

New Orleans Police Officer Garry Flot tells WGNO News that officers are investigating a triple shooting in the 4400 block of Jean Marie Place in Gentilly.

According to Officer Flot, a shooting was reported to the NOPD shortly after 11 Wednesday night. When officers arrived at the home, they found “a 41-year-old female shot multiple times and her 20-year-old daughter shot multiple times and her 18-year-old son shot  to the body inside of a garage.”

All three victims were confirmed dead at the scene.

Officer Flot says the 41-year-old woman worked as a dispatcher for the NOPD.

More details will be released when they become available.