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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The exhilarating thrill performing at The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival can only be felt by musicians who take the stage.

Until now.

WGNO goes backstage at Jazz Fest 2014, inside that extraordinary moment with Dat Boi Cue.

“It’s like my wildest dreams have finally come true,” says Cue moments before going on.

Dat Boi Cue is with Judah Clan Productions out of Treme where he plans to step his musical career up to the next level.

Meantime, he says  Jazz Fest is where New Orleans musicians strive to be at, the ultimate proving ground, “Right here is like the World Series of the music world. Hope you’re ready.”

Born Cuentin Stewart, the 26 year old hip hop/ reggae/ musical wiz plays this opening day Jazz Fest gig with Kirk Joseph’s Backyard Grove.

“I’m loving the crowd,” says Dat Boi Cue as he’s taking the stage.  “It’s awesome. I’m about to bust their behinds.”

Cue knows the significance this performance means, which could open doors and propel  his career… if he nails it.

Which he did!

“No greater feeling in the world,” he says exhausted after the show.  “I wouldn’t trade that for nothing, man.”

The first weekend of Jazz Fest is off to a great start.

Beautiful weather, great food, and of course wonderful music.

WGNO’s Kenny Lopez went on a search for the ultimate Jazz Fest spirit…


NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A state senate committee struck down a proposed bill this week making marijuana possession a misdemeanor.

“I was disappointed,” says Linda at Jazz Fest sitting in her wheelchair. “Please, legalize marijuana.”

“It’s a billion dollar industry,” says 420 advocate Aaron who’s pushing for Marijuana laws to change in Louisiana.

“Possession of marijuana in the palm of your hand can cost you six months of your life,” says Aaron. “Stop putting youth in penal institutions with rapists, murders and child molesters. Decriminalization is what’s way overdue.”

Medical marijuana is now legal in 21 states plus D.C.

Aaron hopes change is on the horizon for the state of Louisiana.

“We need to elect officials,” says Aaron, “To stand up and take the same cause as more than twenty other states have in this nation.”


News with a Twist

Jazz Fest DJ’s: Who Knew?

We talked to the three superstar party rockers of Jazz Fest!

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - The first weekend of Jazz Fest is finally here! What pairs great with live music? Delicious Food! Twist reporter Deepak Saini spent all day checking out the food at the fairgrounds.

When the music gets you moving and the calories are burning, it’s time to jazz up your appetite.

Po-boys, gumbo, Yakamein… crab cakes.

But some say it’s not “officially” Jazz Fest until you eat the Crawfish Monica.

What is it about this delicious dish that that has Jazz Fest goers under her spell?

“The sauce they make is really unique. It’s spicy. The crawfish is amazing,” said one festival goer.

Another festival favorite?

It’s the, “Cochon De Lait PoBoy by Love at First Bite. It’s delicious. Best thing. I get it everyday.”

But another attendee says it’s the, “roast pork with hot sauce and coleslaw on New Orleans French bread.”

And for those with more of an adventurous appetite, like this guy.  You might want to try the chicken liver.

“Best there ever was. And Mint jelly, you have to get some.”

It’s hard being vegetarian in the south, but at this year’s Jazz Fest, the options are plentiful. Ms. Linda is definitely proud of her veggie Yakamein

“Everybody loves it. They love my flavors and that’s what it’s all about,” she told us.

Even tofu never tasted so good!

Susy and LBJ couldn’t get out of work today, but they did persuade the boss to let them check out Jazz Fest 2014.

Terrance Osborne and Richard Thomas: The Creative Minds Behind the Jazz Fest Posters.

If you want to get into Jazz Fest 2014 for free, you can put in a volunteer application. The deadline to submit your application is Friday, February 28th. Make sure to read the volunteer guidelines before submitting your application.

If you’re interested, click here for the application!

News with a Twist

Mid-City couple celebrates their last Jazz Fest.

Jazz Fest 2013 had special meaning for one couple who have experienced the fest in their own way since day one.

WGNO’s Blaire Arvin tells about Edward and Catherine Mendel’s very last Jazz Fest.

(News with a Twist – 5/6/13)