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Terrilynn Monette disappearance

capture26-year-old Terrilynn Monette was reported missing on March 2, 2013.

Her body was eventually discovered in her car, which was submerged in Bayou St. John, on June 8, 2013.

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CaptureOn Friday, New Orleans Police Lt. Christopher Kalka updated the public on the search for Terrilyn Monette:

On the night she disappeared, Monette went to a restaurant on Frenchmen Street, then to a restaurant on Veterans Blvd, then to Parlay’s on Harrison Ave in Lakeview. According to interviews with bartenders that served her and the people she met during the night, Monette did not consume an excessive number of alcoholic drinks and was never cut off by any bartender.

Her phone’s battery died shortly after midnight.

At about 3:30 a.m., Monette reportedly left Parlay’s and went to her car with a friend, who stayed with her for about 45 minutes. He left her in the car, passed out in the driver’s seat to let her “sleep it off.”

Surveillance cameras in the area recorded her leaving the parking lot alone in the car. Traffic cameras in the area did not appear to show any cars following her at that time.

Shortly after her car passed the traffic camera at Marconi Drive and Harrison Avenue a jogger passed the same location. That jogger has not been identified, but is asked to come forward, as they may have information that may help the investigation.

Monette’s car was never seen on the traffic camera on Robert E Lee near her apartment.

Detectives have received 94 tips via Crime Stoppers; 330 people helped search City Park; 7 detectives are working the investigation, with 2 directly assisting Equusearch.

Detectives are still doing interviews, especially with people identified as “aggressive sex offenders within a 2-mile radius,” according to Lt. Kalka, and they are still canvassing neighborhoods looking for information.

The search for missing teacher Terrilyn Monette has taken a turn to City Hall.

Concerned citizens gathered on the steps of City Hall Thursday night for a prayer vigil.

The group was smaller in numbers than previous organized meetings, however their message was loud and clear.

Friends and followers of the case are now pressuring city leaders to take a more active role on the search.

“This is a teacher that taught or kids,” family friend Terry Brown said. “How we don’t have concern and compassion for this family I don’t know.”

“So I begged them, I asked the mayor to come I asked all of them to come out here and support the family in their time of need,” Brown said. “If it happened to one of their family members they’d want us out here.”

The Mayor’s office sends condolences to the family and says the NOPD investigation continues.

Terrilyn Monette was last seen nearly three weeks ago leaving a Lakeview bar.

Police believe she was driving alone.


Texas Equusearch has suspended their search for missing teacher Terrilyn Monette.

WGNO News will have more details as it becomes available.


Extra equipment was brought in Tuesday to strengthen the search for missing teacher Terrilyn Monette.

The Woodland West Elementary School teacher was last seen two weeks ago leaving Parlay’s Bar in Lakeview.

Police say camera footage shows Monette was driving alone.

The footage has allowed a more targeted search of the bayous and lagoons near City Park.

Texas-based Equusearch had hoped the extra equipment would have yielded better results, instead crews are describing their efforts as frustrating for everyone involved.

“At the end of the day we kinda beat ourselves up and kinda say what can we do different, what can we do better? Bottom line nothing,” Equusearch founder Tim Miller said.

Miller says his team will reevaluate search efforts Tuesday night before planning their next steps.

Meantime the Crimestopper reward money has been increased to $3,500 dollars.

New Orleans Police say security camera video is helping to shed light into the disappearance of a West Bank school teacher.

Family, friends, and co-workers of Terrilyn Monette have canvassed a broad area for clues; now police have released  new details that should narrow the search.

“They’re narrowing it down exactly,” said co-worker Ronda Jones. “So hopefully we’ll get even closer than we are now.”

The second-grade teacher told friends she was going to take a nap in her car after a night of heavy drinking two weeks ago at a Lakeview bar.

Police say security cameras show Monette left the parking lot around 5:15 the next morning.

Camera footage from three separate red light cameras, as well as cameras from businesses and private homes, show Monette was in her car alone.

“At least they know she was not kidnapped or taken0 from the parking lot; and she was able to operate the vehicle,” concerned citizen Rick Oster said.

Ronda Jones says the Woodland West community is excited about new the developments.

“Everybody’s like oh my god, did you hear, did you hear?” “And so everyone suddenly feeling was like oh thank you like a relief to at least know a little bit more information,” Jones said.

monnette+4Investigators say camera footage shows Monette drove east-bound on Harrison Avenue, then turned north-bound on Marconi Drive, toward her home.

They also know she drove into City Park; where there have been extensive search efforts.

Texas-based Equusearch has been using sonar equipment to track leads in nearby bodies of water.

Rick Oster says the new information is helpful to anyone following the case.

“The people of New Orleans have responded in a caring way, and want to do all they can to help in the search; and the awareness is high,” Oster said. “So people are on the lookout, and certainly I am as I go through the park.” “It’s on my mind.”

Crews with Equusearch have gone back to Texas to get additional equipment.

They’ll return, and plan to resume their search Tuesday.

Capture(NOPD) – Equusearch went back to Texas for additional equipment, and we expect to resume the search tomorrow.

Detectives reviewed surveillance camera footage from three red light cameras in the area, as well as cameras from local businesses and private residences. We know Terrilynn’s car left the bank parking lot at approximately 5:13 A.M., drove eastbound on Harrison Avenue, and then turned left (northbound) on Marconi Drive.  We do know Terrilyn drove into City Park, although her movements after passing Marconi @ Harrison are not yet known.

The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the State Police, and JPSO continue to assist in the investigation.

This case remains an active investigation.

Officer Hilal B. Williams

New Orleans Police Department

Texas-based search specialists are working through the process of elimination in the search for a missing school teacher.

Equusearch will begin its third day of using sonar equipment Friday morning; in hopes of finding Terrilynn Monette.

The 26-year old elementary school teacher was last seen 14-days ago outside Parlay’s bar in Lakeview.

She was celebrating her nomination for ‘Teacher of the Year’ when bar managers say she had to be ‘cut-off’ after drinking too much.

Monette reportedly walked to the parking lot to sleep it off in her car.

Equusearch has been looking for her black Honda in nearby lagoons, ponds, and Bayou St. John.

So far search teams have located two cars.

The most recent vehicle was found underwater in Bayou St. John Thursday.

“We’re not getting excited about that one right now. We’re going to shoot some more images of it and see, but it’s one we probably will dive on to eliminate,” said Terry Miller of Texas Equusearch.

Family and friends staged a second prayer vigil outside Parlay’s bar Thursday night.

The told members of the media that they are planning a golf tournament to increase Crimestoppers reward money.

The tournament is scheduled April 7th at Belle Terre Country Club.

They’re also working to finalize plans for a concert at House of Blues.

Search crews used sonar to search parts of Bayou St. John on Sunday.

Saturday, the NOPD led a search of City Park.

Neither search revealed the whereabouts of missing teacher Terrilynn Monette.

monette vigil New Orleans Police are organizing a search for that missing Woodland West Elementary School Teacher.

It’s been a week since Terrilynn Monette disappeared.

“All night, all day, angels watching over me my lord,” the crowd sang.

It has been an emotionally draining week for those close to Monette.

For them the hours, and days since her mysterious disappearance have felt more like an eternity.

“We have a lot of questions and we don’t know why, and it’s very hard to go day after day not being able to have those questions answered,” one co-worker said.

And it is for those reasons that this community of friends, family, and co-workers has joined together in prayer.

They prayed for strength, and renewed hope.

“We believe we’re going to find her,” another co-worker said. “She’s out there and we’re going to find her.”

26-year old Terrilynn Monette was last seen early Saturday morning in the parking lot of parlay’s bar on Harrison Avenue  in Lakeview.

Friends say after a night of heavy drinking she decided to take a nap inside her car.

Investigators believe she walked out with a male acquaintance.

Even though no one has been named a suspect, family members suspect foul play.

“Let us pray for this individual who has taken Terrilynn to have the light cast into their soul and do the right thing that’s what I challenge that person to do right now,” a co-worker said. “Do the right thing and let Terrilynn go.”

For the past six days loved ones have led an exhaustive search for clues.

“All night, all day, angels watching over me, my Lord,” the crowd sang.

They say Friday night’s prayer vigil was a chance to recharge and refocus.

“We all need to rise up and remember to soar to keep strength,” another co-worker said. “He is with us, he’s going to see us through this and he’s going to bring her home.”

“Bring my baby home please,” Terrilynn’s mother Toni Enclade said. “That’s all I’m asking.” “If anyone has her, please bring her home,” she pleaded.

New Orleans Police are organizing a search of City Park Saturday morning at 10am.

Dozens of uniformed officers will take to the street; as well as officers on horseback.

The community is invited to take part in that search that will begin at the golf course driving range.