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Terrance Osborne’s Zulu Coconuts

Zulu coconuts are always one of Carnival’s most prized possessions, but very few are like the ones made by artist, Terrance Osborne.

Osborne hand-painted special Zulu coconuts.  He created the artwork for this year’s Zulu poster, and when he decided to ride in Zulu, he made his own coconuts.

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The popular food chain put this picture on Instagram, saying that they will give free pedicab rides to customers wanting to go eat at Popeyes during Mardi Gras  After a cold and rainy night of fun, a free trip to Popeyes, might just be what the doctor ordered.

With the wet weather, it seems like fewer families set up camp on St. Charles Ave. this Mardi Gras to watch Rex roll, Uptown.We found some die-hard families who weren’t going to let the rain dampen their spirits.

With hand warmers, blankets, and hot food and a fire going, The Legrue family did whatever it takes to stay warm.

UPTOWN (WGNO) - Mardi Gras is a time for people to get dressed up and celebrate.  Bourbon Street is usually where the tourists wind up today, but the real Mardi Gras is Uptown.

Today, News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez went to find the most clever, creative, fun and kooky costumes.

Some Mardi Gras revelers were dressed as: Robin Thicke, Rosie the Riveter, and even the popular Nintendo game, Tetris.

WAYNESVILLE, Mo  – Mardi Gras is not just in New Orleans! A little candy shop in Missouri has decided to do a promotion based around the ‘fat’ part of Fat Tuesday.

Route 66 Candy Shoppe announced on its Facebook page yesterday that they’ll give free fudge to anyone tipping the scales at more than 300 pounds.

“FREE FUDGE for anyone over 300 pounds on Fat Tuesday! Walk, run, waddle or ride your motorized wheelchair down to the Route 66 Candy Shoppe! See you Tuesday!” says the store’s Facebook page.

As of 11:45 a.m. they had their first brave soul accept the offer.

But as you might suspect, not everyone is laughing.  Former customer Deb Czuprynski told CNN affiliate KSPR, “It may be a joke to them but to other viewers they can’t help it, some will die because of obesity, no one should ever make fun of it.”

Shop owner Charley Dill said he wasn’t try to offend anyone.  “We just thought it was a good way to invite people to come in and have a good laugh.”

Dill said “fellow fatties” from Columbia, Mo. — about 100 miles away — have told him they’re loading up the car and plan to flock to his shop.

If today goes well, Dill even suggested future specials, like free candy for pregnant women on Labor Day.

rex and zuluMany years ago King Rex refused to acknowledge the rival Krewe of Zulu that rolled ahead of it on Mardi Gras day; but not anymore.

Now Rex and Zulu are friendly rivals; and every Lundi Gras the monarchs of both Krewes meet for a toast at Spanish Plaza.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter takes us to the tradition along the Riverfront.

It was a highly anticipated meeting with much fanfare.

King Zulu and his entourage met face to face King Rex and his loyal subjects.

Supporters of the two super Krewes gathered along with city leaders and dignitaries for the annual Lundi Gras tradition at Spanish Plaza.

“I want to welcome all the people to the city of New Orleans as we prepare for a great Mardi Gras season,” said New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Hundreds listened as the King of Carnival read his proclamation suspending all commercial endeavors for a day; and that’s not all.

“Let the children of the realm be freed from their studies and permitted to participate in the pageantry,” Rex said.

“I’d like to say congratulations to King Rex 2014; and I pray that you have a safe and memorable ride tomorrow,” Zulu said. “I also talked to our Zulu Witch Doctor and we want to have good weather tomorrow.” “Thanks to all.”

Pageantry aside, people who attended the ceremony say the meeting of Rex and Zulu has a deeper meaning.

“I think it’s important because we all need unity and if you can get them all collaborating together you can’t beat it,” Lisa Walker said.

“I’ve never seen that before that was a good experience for me so,” Meggy Trepagnier said.

Mayor Landrieu ceremoniously turned over the key to the city, and launched the official start of Mardi Gras.

Despite the cold, the crowd began to party.

“It’s freezing, I left cold and I’m here and it’s cold,” Walker said. “But I’ll deal with it.” Trotter asked, “Making the best of it? Yes I am,” Walker replied.

“I wish it was warmer like yesterday but we’re having a great time out here so,” Trepagnier said.

The Krewe of Zulu is set to parade from Uptown at 8 o’clock Mardi Gras  morning; followed by the Krewe of Rex at 10am.

(WGNO) - Just about everyone got in the Mardi Gras spirit this weekend.  One attendee took this video of a New Orleans police officer doing the wobble.

Here’s another video.

(The above video is not a showcase of what he does, but insight to the mind of a true artist. )

NEW ORLEANS, (WGNO) - You can get a carnival costume just about anywhere, but some of the very best are made by photographer and designer extraordinaire Don Corbitt.

If you’re walking around the French Quarter tomorrow, you might notice his work, they’ll be the especially sultry, elegant, and unique costumes grabbing the attention of everyone.  Corbitt told WGNO his art is paraded on Mardi Gras, Halloween, at Burlesque, and one of his masterpieces stole the show at this year’s comic con as well.

For more information on Corbitt and his costumes visit his website at

NEW ORLEANS(WGNO) – Two injuries during the Krewe of Bacchus parade Sunday evening brought the parade to a standstill for nearly 35 minutes.

A 9-year-old boy is in stable condition with some bruising to his chest after he was struck by a trailer attached to a Bacchus float near the intersection of Connerly and St. Charles.  Officials say he was alert when emergency responders arrived on the scene.

The second injury happened when a police officer responding to the first incident slipped and fell on beads.  Authorities say the officer broke his leg. He has not been identified.