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Mardi Gras partying on Bourbon Street, is definitely underway.  Our Kenny Lopez joins us Live from the Royal Sonesta Hotel.

Catching Carnival throws with the pros.

Bud’s Broiler on City Park Avenue has been a fixture on the Endymion parade route in Mid-City for years. The restaurant closed after a fire severely damaged the building in October 2012, but WGNO’s Kenny Lopez reports the restaurant will be open, just in time for Endymion.


Two  krewes thrilled parade goers Saturday on the Uptown route.

Iris began the show at 11:00, rolling with the theme Louisiana Festivals Reign Supreme.  Iris is New Orleans’ oldest and largest all female krewe.  It was founded in 1917.

Tucks followed with the theme Tucks Uncovers History.  Tucks was founded in 1969 by a group of Loyola students.


Endymion 2013 photos

All Hail Endymion! This year’s Endymion Mardi Gras parade featured over 2,650 masked riders, according to the Krewe, plus the largest Mardi Gras float ever! Check out the pictures of the Pontchartrain Beach float at the end of the parade!

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“Pace yourself,” one man said along the Uptown parade route Friday night.  He was one of the thousands who watched Krewe d’Etat, Hermes, and Morpheus roll.

The trio of parades kicked off what will be a giant weekend of parades on the Uptown route.

“Yes, this is when things really start to roll,” one woman said.

In Metairie, Centurions rolled along an enthusiastic crowd.  Not only did parade watchers enjoy the throws, they enjoyed the krewe’s work.

“And to think, the work that went into this for us to enjoy,” a woman from Mississippi commented.

Jefferson Parish deputies confirm one rider for Centurions was injured in a fall from a float.  Deputies say the man fell from the second to the first level of the float and injured his shoulder.  The man was taken to an area hospital as a precaution.

Tens of thousands gathered Friday night at the convention center for the Zulu Aid & Pleasure Club’s annual ball.

It’s been described as a celebration, full of food and fun, and flanked by tradition and pageantry.

One of the highlights of the evening was the crowning of the 2013 Zulu King, Cedric Givens.

“It’s been wonderful, I’m excited and looking forward to an excellent Mardi Gras,” Givens said. “It’s been joyful. It’s an honor.” “I respect all my brothers for having the confidence in me to represent them as King for 2013.”

Givens has been a Zulu member since 1999.

He’s served on the Board of Directors from 2008-2012.

The Zulu Ball is considered one of the largest formal gatherings attended primarily by African Americans.

The Zulu parade kicks off Tuesday morning 8am.

The parade begins at S. Claiborne and Jefferson, and concludes at Orleans Ave. and Broad St.

High school bands are a huge part of Mardi Gras parades, but it’s a lot of hard to work to get a bunch of teenagers ready to walk a parade route! WGNO’s Alyson Titkemeyer found out how the Chalmette High School drum line gets ready for a parade.

(News with a Twist – 2/8/13)

Actress Laura Cayotte from the movie Django Unchained participates in the Mardi Gras tradition of greasing the poles in the French Quarter. The grease is supposed to discourage people from climbing up the poles during Mardi Gras.

“This is one of my favorite things because it’s an ‘Only in New Orleans’ kind of thing,” Laura told WGNO News. “There are so many things that are only in New Orleans, but this is very much an ‘Only in New Orleans’ type of event. I really, really love this thing.”

“I’m so proud of Django Unchained,” she said when we asked about her most recent movie. “It’s number one in the world three weeks in a row and it’s Tarantino’s most successful film to date. And I think it’s so much more than the monetary value. I think it’s a terrific movie for starting a discussion that’s probably well overdue.”