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Bono is turning out to be a man of many hidden talents. The U2 front man and global activist pulled off an impression of the former President Bill Clinton at the Annual Clinton Global Initiative in New York.
Bono did the impression to entertain the crowd as Clinton was running late to the panel.
The former president took the impression in stride, joking that he, “Must really easy to make fun of.”

Was he any good? You Decide.

One Florida man finds that simply running a marathon is not challenging enough.
So he “joggled” backwards during the Quad Cities Marathon in Illinois.
Joggling is juggling while jogging.

Joe Salter Reportedly “joggled” backwards the whole 26.2 miles, finishing at five hours 51 minutes and 25 seconds.
This wasn’t Salter’s first rodeo however, he has also completed a triathlon while juggling.

A burglary suspect in the back of a police car reaches his arm out of the cruiser’s window, unlocks the door and out he goes.
Officers did get him back into the car, this time in handcuffs. Needless to say he did not make any more escape attempts.


Darren “Professor Splash” Taylor sets the record for highest bellyflop.  Taylor jumped from a platform 36 feet high into just under a foot of water.

Check it out here:

A foul ball hits the tarp and ricochets, hitting the ball girl in the chin!
She would shake it off, even laughing about it and returned to her post down the left-field line.


An A-Capella group takes their talents for a bumpy road.

Check it out here:


JD Taylor channels his inner Marshawn Lynch.

Check it out here:

LLmonkey-eats-soup-with-spoonJust your typical monkey eating soup with a spoon.

Watch below.


LL Morning Show Hangs Up on OprahIf you’re lucky enough to score an interview with Oprah Winfrey, don’t hang up on her.