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LSU football players Jordan Jefferson, Josh Johns, Chris Davenport, & Jarvis Landry involved in Baton Rouge bar fight

The Baton Rouge Police Department believes LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson, linebacker Josh Johns,Offensive Tackle Chris Davenport, and receiver Jarvis Landry were involved in a bar fight in Baton Rouge.

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Lawsuit Filed Over Fight Involving LSU Football Players

Shady’s Bar – wgno-lawsuit-filed-over-fight-involving-lsu-football-players-20120508Four people involved in a bar fight with LSU football players are suing.

Eric Ewen, Jordan Wills, Cayne Cox and Andrew Lowery name former quarterback Jordan Jefferson, linebacker Josh Johns and the owner of Shady’s Bar in their lawsuit.

The men say Jefferson and Johns seriously hurt them in the fight outside the bar in August of 2011.

Their lawsuit also claims the bar didn’t do enough to keep its parking lot safe.

View the text of the lawsuit here: Lawsuit involving Jordan Jefferson, Joshua Johns in Shady’s Bar incident [PDF, 7 pages]

Jordan Jefferson’s lawyers have filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him.

View the document here: PDF: Jordan Jefferson requests hearing to dismiss charges

Angela Lucas – jordan jefferson’s aunt

Angela Lucas

The fighting Tigers will take on Mississippi State Thursday night again without starting Quarterback Jordan Jefferson.

The Jefferson family had hoped his suspension would’ve ended following Saturday night’s game against Northwestern.

The left for Starkville and Jordan was not on the plane.

“Everybody is hurt, it’s unfair to him,” says Angela Lucas, Jordan’s aunt.

Jordan’s suspension stems from an alleged fight back on August 19 outside Shady’s bar in Baton Rouge.

The victim Andrew Lowery claims Jefferson and a number of players beat him up and Jefferson went as far as to kick him in the head a number of times.

Jefferson was arrested on 2nd Degree Battery charges which is a felony

Head Football Coach Les Miles immediately suspended the strong armed QB from Destrehan.

Jefferson maintains he did nothing wrong.

Lucas says Jordan’s attorney has proof signed affidavits from individuals who said Jordan didn’t do anything.

Lucas also said Lowery was supposed to recant his statement now saying that Jordan did not have any involvement.

But, Lowery’s attorney Michael Bienvenu said that’s not true.

“It’s always a different story,” says Lucas.

She says the next story they want to see is the one of Jordan’s return to the field.

Lewis Unglesby

Lewis Unglesby

Jordan Jefferson’s new attorney said LSU’S suspended quarterback should be allowed back on the football field.

Lewis Unglesby said Jefferson should be presumed innocent until he has his day in court.

Unglesby said he has signed affidavits from a number of witnesses who claim Jefferson did not throw a punch or kick anyone eleven days ago outside a Baton Rouge bar.

The criminal defense lawyer said that information is being sent to LSU Tuesday evening.

Unglesby questions why Jefferson was suspended by Head Football Coach Les Myles in the first place.

According to Unglesby Jefferson has only been charged, he has not been convicted and should presumed innocent.

Jefferson is accused of kicking a man while he was on the ground. That led to a felony battery charge. Jefferson surrendered to authorities Friday after an arrest warrant was issued.

The scuffle supposedly involved other LSU players and was captured on surveillance cameras, but you can’t make out who is doing what.

Unglesby said the penalty Jefferson is now facing for an accusation is unfair. He said Jordan’s day in court may not come until next year, by then the season would be over.

He wants LSU to be more clear on the indefinite suspension. He said right now they don’t know what’s precedent. Unglesby said if he could take this matter to court tomorrow,

he’s confident he’d win hands down. The problem though, the judicial calendar and LSU’S schedule run on different time tables.

PDF: Statement of Sean Berrigan

PDF: Statement of Chris Conroy

PDF: Petition for Protection from Abuse

jordan jefferson1

Jordan Jefferson

A former coach and family friend of LSU Quarterback Jordan Jefferson are upset over his arrest in connection with a late night brawl in Baton Rouge earlier this month.

“They’re treating this like it’s a murder investigation,” said Carl Franklin, who coached Jefferson in football and basketball during his youth in Destrehan.

Jefferson was arrested August 26, one week to the day, after and a group of other LSU football players were said to be involved in a fight outside of Shady’s Bar on East Boyd. Earlier in the week, police removed 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson’s home.

“Jefferson has always had an even-keel personality and I can’t imagine him getting into a fight,” said Terrance Rice, whose son played sports with Jefferson as a child. “They should let him play.”

LSU Linebacker Joshua Johns was also arrested and faces charges of second-degree battery. LSU has suspended both men from the team indefinitely.

Police have turned over all evidence to the District Attorney’s office.

Jordan Jefferson – wgno-photos-lsu-bar-fight-mug-shots-20110826-001

Jordan Jefferson

Joshua Johns – wgno-photos-lsu-bar-fight-mug-shots-20110826-002

Joshua Johns

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and linebacker Joshua Johns surrendered to Baton Rouge Police on Friday for a fight outside of an off-campus bar on Aug 18.

The two were booked for second degree battery and released on $5000 bonds. They left parish prison just before noon.

Baton Rouge Police scheduled a press conference for 2:30 p.m. to discuss the charges.

LSU Head Coach Les Miles immediately suspended Jefferson and Johns from the team.

Miles said that no timetable has been set on the suspension.

“We will continue to cooperate with the authorities in an effort to find out exactly what took place during the incident,” Miles said.

“As sad as this incident is, it’s important that we learn from this and that we take away a valuable lesson. This has weighed on all of us. It’s time for us to come together as a team and focus on what we are here to do.”

Baton Rouge Police released a police report on Thursday with witness statements on the role Jefferson and Johns allegedly played in the fight outside of Shady’s bar.

In the report, a female witness said she saw Jefferson kick a man in the face. She also said she saw linebacker Johns participating in the attack. Sgt. Donald Stone said police were trying to ascertain how credible the witness’ account is.

On Wednesday, BRPD detectives executed a search warrant on Jefferson’s off-campus apartment. Police seized 49 pairs of Jefferson’s shoes, including the ones he was wearing, at the time of the search. Stone said police were looking to match treads on a shoe to an imprint on a shirt of a victim in the Shady’s incident.

On Tuesday, investigators questioned Jefferson, Johns, defensive tackle Chris Davenport and wide receiver Jarvis Landry at Louisiana State Police headquarters.

The players’ attorney Nathan Fisher said the meeting went well and that he offered a witness to the fight that would exonerate the players. He has consistiently said that the players are innocent and that they have been unfairly portrayed in the media.

LSU Head Coach Les Miles has said fallout from the incident has been a distraction that made him “miserable.”

The fourth-ranked tigers’ season opener against No. 3 Oregon is Sept. 3.

Jordan Jefferson – after questioning – wgno-photos-lsu-bar-fight-mug-shots-20110826-003

Jordan Jefferson leaves the Baton Rouge Police Department

A ten page incident report from the Baton Rouge Police Department details what witnesses say happened at Shady’s Bar last Friday morning. It only names two LSU football players: Jordan Jefferson and Josh Jones.

Read the Baton Rouge Police Department’s report on the fight here: BRPD Incident Report of LSU Football Players Bar Fight

The report names Andrew Lowery as a victim who spoke to police saying, “Lowery advises that while standing outside in the parking lot of the bar, he observed several suspects that he believed were LSU football players (approximately 10-15 people) pull an unknown W/M [white male] out of a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck.”

The report says the men were beating him and that Lowery broke up the fight. It goes on to say that at that time “the suspects began to physically assault him.”

A 19-year-old witness also spoke to police. According to the report Victoria Long “advised that she observed the entire altercation.” The report says, “Long advises that she knows for certain that she observed Jordan Jefferson kicked Lowery in the face. Long also advises that she observed  Josh Johns as being one of the people who attcked Lowery.”

Police have removed 49 pairs of shoes from Jefferson’s apartment and taken a DNA sample from him.

BRPD Sgt. Don Stone says, “I’m sorry that fans are wanting to know the outcome so they can determine the game. That is of no importance to this investigation.”

Shady’s Bar – wgno-lawsuit-filed-over-fight-involving-lsu-football-players-20120508LSU football players accused in a bar room brawl Friday in Baton Rouge will meet with police Tuesday morning.

Police say LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and 3 other players will be questioned about the fight at Shady’s Bar near the university.

The meeting was scheduled for Monday, but an attorney for the players asked for a 24-hour delay.

At least four people were hurt in the fight outside the bar.