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Local members of the U.S. armed forces

flagWGNO honors our local members of the armed forces.

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58817469-15133005-400225[1]Saturday morning family and friends of Specialist Christian Romig gathered one last time to say their final farewells to the 24-year-old.

Emotions ran high as the casket of United States Army Specialist Christian Romig was carried out of Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Kenner. Surrounded by family, friends, and veterans the 24-year-old graduate of Grace King High School left us too soon.

Vietnam Veteran James White says, “He’s only a month older than my youngest daughter, that hurt. I’m sitting there and I’m watching this plane pull up on the tarmac there and it’s like, that could be one of mine.”

It was an extraordinary homecoming as his body arrived in Belle Chasse Friday.

Specialist Romig enlisted in the Army in 2008. He fulfilled his commitment in June, but decided to stay with his platoon. Romig was scheduled to return in just weeks.

His father Lee Romig, Sr. remembers, “He was a great soldier, a great son, and from our perspective a true hero.”

Archbishop Gregory Aymond was here this morning paying his respects to Specialist Romig. Also here were many of his sister’s co-workers; she works with us at ABC26 News.

ABC26 Sports Director Ed Daniels says,” You see so much coverage on television and the newspapers and on the radio about the war and you pay attention, but you really don’t pay attention and then it comes home to your neighborhood. You know, it’s a whole different deal.”

Army Specialist Christian Romig was killed on January 5th by an IED while fighting for his country in Afghanistan. Now back in his hometown of Kenner, the 24-year-old will be eternally remembered for who he is a hero.

Army Specialist Christian Romig’s name will be added to a memorial at Veterans Park near Kenner City Hall.


Army Specialist Christian Romig Remembered

58805935-14185935-400225[1]A community is mourning the death of a local soldier killed in Afghanistan.

Family and friends looked on as fallen Army Specialist Christian Romig received full military honors in Belle Chase.

It was a hero’s homecoming. “He wanted to serve on the front lines, said the soldier’s father, Lee Romig. “He wanted to be a Calvary scout.”

The kind military families and friends brace for but pray never happens. “A 19, 20, 21 year old dies for his country and a family looses a child there’s nothing, god just didn’t prepare you to bury your son,” said Patriot Guard Rider, Mike Oliver.

Army specialist Christian Romig was killed last week by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

“He’d been telling me the last several weeks they had been under several fire fights and he experienced several explosives in and around their convoys,” Romig Sr. said.

Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe the days since his untimely death for those close to the 24-year old Kenner man.

But here, they celebrate his life and his legacy. “He was all heart, all warrior; short body but just a man of gold,” said Romig’s uncle, Tommy Walker. “He fought for all of our freedoms,” said Romig Sr. “We’re going to miss him dearly. But he died doing what he wanted to do.”

The 2005 grace king high school graduate was just two weeks from coming home for mid-term leave, when he paid the ultimate sacrifice.

It’s considered an honorable death for an honorable man; one who’ll never be forgotten. “He was a great soldier, a great son, and from our perspective a true hero,” Romig Sr. said.

Family and friends will say their final goodbye Saturday.

Services begin at 9:30 am, at Devine Mercy Church in Kenner.