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Body recovered from Lake Pontchartrain

photoNew Orleans Police have recovered a body from Lake Pontchartrain, near the London Avenue Canal.

Friends of Ksanwy Chavez, the 21-year-old man who friends say went under and never resurfaced while swimming in the lake, say the recovered body is their friend. NOPD is awaiting autopsy results to confirm.


Wednesday afternoon’s bad weather forced the NOPD to suspend its search for a man missing since Tuesday in Lake Pontchartrain.

Friends identify the man as 21-year-old Ksanwy Chavez.  They say he jumped into the lake to help rescue someone else who was drowning.

Instead, it was Chavez who went under and never resurfaced.

Two other swimmers made it to shore safely.

During the search on Tuesday, NOPD officers also underscored the point that it is illegal to swim in the lake along the New Orleans lakefront.


photoCrews are searching for a missing man who was swimming with friends in Lake Pontchartrain near the University of New Orleans Tuesday.

A witness tells WGNO’s Curt Sprang that three men were swimming in the lake. At one point, the three began to struggle to get to shore, but only one made it back.

The witness says he and his wife went into the water to help the remaining pair, along with the first man who initially made it to shore.

The witness says he and his wife were able to get to the struggling pair and help them,  but the first man – who had retuned to the water to help – went under and never surfaced.

They are searching for him now.

See video of the search scene: