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Human remains found in St. Bernard Parish

BODYThe St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office is working with the New Orleans Police Department to find and identify all parts of a body discovered in Yscloskey.

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Jeffrey_Bonck_10-15-1959NOPD spokesman Garry Flot tells WGNO News that the body parts recovered near Yscloskey have been identified as Jeffery Wayne Bonck.

Bonck was reported missing in August of 2012.

In an e-mail statement, Officer Flot wrote that the incident “has been classified as a Homicide.”

YSCLOSKEY, LA (WGNO) – Parts of a decomposed body have been recovered in St. Bernard Parish.

The use of heavy equipment and clusters of investigators have caught the attention of St. Bernard neighbors for the past several days.

“Bout a week,” neighbor David Jackson said.

It’s the culmination of a missing person case New Orleans Police have been working for months.

Investigators recently received what they believed was credible information; that the body of a New Orleans man may have been buried in a wooded area in Eastern St. Bernard Parish.

“Kinda scary, people bringing dead bodies down here now,” Jackson said. “Ain’t never had no dead bodies round here.”

NOPD cadaver dogs were used last week to narrow down the possible grave site; in a wooded area near Pisces Place and Florissant Highway.

“Prior to Hurricane Katrina it was a residential area,” said Col. John Doran with the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office. “A home site was there.” “It was some property owned by a gentleman who we believe is now deceased.”

Last Thursday the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office obtained a warrant to start the excavation, but the process was delayed by bad weather.

Crews began digging Tuesday morning, and by 3pm they’d discovered what’s being described as decomposed human remains.

“We had to go down quite a few feet with an excavator and right now we’re in the process of going by hand now with it,” Col. Doran said. “It’s a delicate operation so it’s probably going to take some hours from now.”

“You don’t ever see that out here,” Jackson said. “It’s the first time we ever saw it.”

The Orleans Parish Coroner was on the scene.

The body is believed to be that of a man who disappeared in New Orleans sometime last year.

“Pretty amazing I guess these days, you know,” one neighbor said. “You never know what’s going to happen.”

Crews had planned to work well into Tuesday night.

The remains will be transported to Orleans Parish, where the coroner will work to identify the remains.

New Orleans Police plan to release additional details about the case once the remains have been identified.

photoYSCLOSKEY, LA (WGNO) – At about 3:00pm parts of a decomposed body were found in Yscloskey.

The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office is working with New Orleans Police to exhume the body.

NOPD spokesman Garry Flot tells WGNO News that the Orleans Parish Coroner will take custody of the remains and conduct an  autopsy to determine the identity and cause of death.

Jeffrey_Bonck_10-15-1959Police are asking for the public’s assistance in locating 52-year-old Jeffery Wayne Bonck, whose brother last received a voicemail from him on Saturday August 11, 2012 at about 3:00 A.M.  His brother checked his house later that day in the 7500 block of Michigan Street and could not locate him or contact him.

His brother became concerned when he was unable to contact him.  He advised that this is uncharacteristic of his brother and has not seen or heard from him since.

Jeffery Bonck is described as a Caucasian male, 5’10” tall and approximately 150 pounds.  He has blue eyes and a bald head and has Tattoos on his left arm, right arm and chest.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Jeffery Wayne Bonck is asked to call 821-2222.