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One year later and still no Hubig’s Pies! Saturday marks the anniversary of the fire that destroyed the Hubig’s factory on Dauphine Street in the Marigny.

Since then, the owners have looked into a new site for the factory just a few blocks away on Press Street, but still no definite future date when we can sink our teeth into a delicious lemon Hubigs!

Can you taste them yet? The New Orleans City Council has approved the new location for the Hubig’s pie factory.

It’s been nearly a year since a massive fire destroyed Hubig’s on Dauphine Street. Now the focus is on rebuilding on a new location on the Bywater/Marigny boundary.

The city council unanimously approved the new spot. Now hurry up and build, so we can get our snack on!

Can’t wait to get our hands on a Hubig’s pie! The company is one step closer to getting a new home: the New Orleans Planning Commission approved a plan to let the bakery rebuild on Press Street near North Rampart in the Marigny, not too far from where the bakery burned down in July of 2012. Now Hubig’s just needs approval from the New Orleans City Council.

When Hubig’s Pies burned in July, people rushed to stores to buy the famous pies. Hubig’s owner vowed to rebuild.

Monday, the rebuilding effort took a big step forward when demolition of the burned building began.

“It is emotional. But it is a step in the right direction,” Hubig’s owner Drew Ramsey said as the heavy equipment worked behind him.

Ramsey says he still hopes to rebuild at the business’s history Faubourg Marigny site. But he admits construction costs could force him to move the business to another location, perhaps a building that’s already constructed and suitable for the necessary equipment.

captureHe also says opening a temporary location is much easier said than done.

Despite the uncertain future, Ramsey is salvaging everything he can from the demolition site. He’s hoping the walls of the old pie factory could be used for the new building even if they’re just used for the facade.

Ramsey also says, while investigators know what caught fire and caused the building to burn, they don’t know exactly how the fire began.

captureThursday night was all about deciding whether you were feeling apple, chocolate, or lemon at Fleurty Girl on Magazine Street.

The store was selling t-shirts to benefit Hubig’s Pies which was destroyed by fire last week. Post-Katrina, t-shirts have become a common way for New Orleanians to express their feelings, and Fleurty Girl is one of the most popular sources for the New Orleans themed shirts.

Among those in the crowd Thursday was Drew Ramsey, owner of Hubig’s Pies. He says the money from the Fleurty event would be given to Hubig’s employees who are now out of a job.

Ramsey also talked about the difficulties of rebuilding his pie factory in a historic neighborhood. He says there is a great deal of red tape, but he still aims to rebuild Hubig’s at its Faubourg Marigny location.

“We’re going to do our best to be right there,” Ramsey said.

When asked if there is any way the business would not be rebuilt — anywhere — Ramsey replied, after pausing for about five seconds, “No.”

captureLovers of Hubig’s Pies will have to also be hungry for ice cream if they want to still purchase the traditional New Orleans treat.

New Orelans Ice Cream’s Hubig’s Apple Pie flavor is still around and in stock at certain stores, for now.

A fire last week destroyed the Hubig’s bakery in the Marigny, but the demand for the flavor is said to be strong, and the ice cream company wants to prolong the buzz.

“Every month we’ll go to a store in a different part of the city, put a full shelf out of Hubig’s ice cream, let everyone know they’re there. First come, first serve. Hopefully there won’t be a stampede”, said Adrian Simpson, owner of New Orleans Ice Cream.

Simpson says he is rationing the flavor to keep it around and the Hubig’s name top of mind.

Matassa’s Market -a nearly 90-year-old French Quarter grocery store-Tuesday got its last delivery of the Hubig’s flavor.

About 1,500 pints still remain, Simpson said.

The flavor was unveiled about six weeks ago.

Announcements of when and where the remaining containers will be sold will be posted on or on the company’s Facebook page, said Simpson, who also contends his Hubig’s ice cream ration is all about preserving a Crescent City food institution.

“If we wanted to make a quick buck out of someone else’s misfortune, we’d sell this product in every store currently.”

captureA 5-alarm fire destroyed the Hubig’s Pie Factory in the 2400 blk. of Dauphine Street early Friday morning.  The blaze started shortly before 5am.  Firefighters tell WGNO News they were on the scene within five minutes, but they couldn’t stop the fire from spreading.  Fire crews entered the building, but pulled out when the building began to collapse.  Unfortunately, the building is destroyed.

Dozens of trucks with 95 firefighters worked to stop the flames and heat from damaging nearby homes. Luckily, there are no reports of injuries.

As word of the fire spread, people rushed to the scene – some clutching bags of Hubig’s Pies.

According to their website, Hubig’s Pies has been at the same location in the Marigny since 1922. The pies are synonymous with New Orleans pastries. The owners tell WGNO News they will rebuild.