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Henry Glover murder investigation & trials

glover_tanner_burnt_car_propublicaFive current and former NOPD officers were charged with shooting and burning New Orleans resident Henry Glover just a few days after Katrina.

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The family of Henry Glover, the man shot to death by NOPD officer David Warren in the days after Hurricane Katrina, jammed into the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office Monday morning demanding that Coroner Frank Minyard classify how Glover died.

In response, the coroner is re-opening the case.

Eight years ago, the Coroner’s Office labeled Glover’s death unclassified because investigators didn’t have enough evidence to make a call.

Coroner Minyard met with the family and says he will take another look.

“We are reopening the case today,” Coroner Minyard said. “We hope in the next five or six days to get ahold of some more good evidence that we can use. And if it’s possible, if it’s forensically possible, we will change that to homicide, but I don’t want to give anybody any false hope.”

Last week, a jury decided former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren did not violate Glover’s civil rights or violate any gun laws when he shot Glover from the second story of an Algiers strip mall. Now, the protesters want to seek state charges and that’s why the coroner’s classification is so important.

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Glover Verdict

Race is never to far away in almost any New Orleans discussion.  When the David Warren retrial verdict was announced the racists came out in force.

For the black racist it’s simple, a white cop, hell bent on finding some black people to shoot and kill, found Henry Glover. Essentially, Warren was up to no good.  For the white racist it’s equally as simple, Glover was in a stolen vehicle, coming to collect some stolen items.  Essentially Glover was up to no good.

For black folks to come to the conclusion that Warren hates blacks and was out to shoot and kill some is ridiculous. For white folks to think it’s ok to shoot and kill someone, even if they were stealing, is ridiculous.

Black folks have no proof at all that Warren was some rogue cop out for vengeance against black citizens of New Orleans. Obviously a jury of black and white folks thought the same thing.  White folks are equally delusional if they think, even in the aftermath of Katrina, you have the right to shoot and kill a looter.

The extremists in this city love to blame the other race on any issue that involves black and white.  They count on it.  It’s part of their very existence, their DNA.  Don’t look at the facts when racism can answer all.  There are no winners here, especially amongst the Glover family that lost a loved one.  But also the Warren family, who lost their loved one to over 3 years of jail time.  It’s time too move on and leave the black and white comments to the racists.

The second trial of former NOPD Officer David Warren comes to a very different end tonight.

“It’s a wonderful; joyous feeling, but I’m almost numb at the same time,” says Warren.

For the first time in nearly four years tonight Warren will sleep in his own bed.

“It’s been 3.5 years, and I think enjoying my family, hugging my kids; the kids, they weren’t supposed to grow while daddy was gone,” says Warren while sitting next to his attorneys and his wife moments after being acquitted.

After deliberating for two days jurors found Warren not guilty on all charges. Just 45 minutes before the verdict jurors were deadlocked, telling the judge tension were getting thick during deliberations.

This was Warren’s 2nd trial. In 2010, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years for shooting an unarmed man, Henry Glover, in the days following Hurricane Katrina, but an appellate court found he was unjustly tried alongside others who burned Glover’s body and covered up the crime.

This time warren was tried alone, maintaining he thought Glover had something in his hands. Reminiscing tonight he said he has no regrets.

“I still believe that the course of action that I took that day, and the actions that I took that day were the proper actions, and that does not change,” says Warren.

The Glover family was present during both trials and walked outside moments after Warren was acquitted.

“He is going to take care of him. The lord is going to take care of him,” says Henry Glover’s mother Edna Glover, “My baby, he killed him and got away. It’s wrong.”

“And you are going to walk free? That’s alright because somebody is going to do you. You’re going to get yours back,” says Henry Glover’s aunt Rebecca Glover, “He wasn’t supposed to take my nephew’s life.”

Warren says, “I can understand completely the tragedy of what they feel and the loss of what they feel as a family, so to them I can sympathize with the tragedy that they feel and the loss that they feel.”

Warren says he has no interest in returning to law enforcement and is not sure if he and his family will stay in the city.

“I don’t know for the long term what we are going to do. Honestly, we are at the point of literally starting our lives almost in a sense over again,” says Warren.

A jury has found former New Orleans Police officer David Warren not guilty on both counts against him in the shooting death of 31-year-old Henry Glover in the days after Hurricane Katrina.

Warren was originally convicted, along with four other NOPD officers, and sentenced to 26 years in prison for his role in Glover’s death and the cover-up that followed.

Defense attorneys successfully argued before an appellate court that Warren should not have been tried along with the other officers because he was not involved in the cover-up, only Glover’s shooting.

Warren testified during the trial that he shot Glover because he saw a gun in his hand. Prosecutors say Glover was not armed.

The charges against Warren were “Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law” and “Use of a Weapon During Commission of a Violent Crime.”


Closing arguments completed in David Warren re-trial

The jury heard closing arguments Tuesday morning in federal court in the re-trial of former New Orleans Police officer David Warren.

WGNO’s Jon Huffman reports there were some emotional moments in the courtroom: the family of Henry Glover sobbed loudly as prosecutors summed up their case to the jury.

“David Warren did not shoot Henry Glover because his life was threatened,” prosecutors said during closing arguments. “He shot Henry Glover because he could. It was Katrina and no one was watching. Warren thought no one would care. He shot and killed Henry Glover because of his hatred for people he considered looters and animals.”

The jury began deliberating the case early Tuesday afternoon.


David Warren trial underway

Some of the darkest hours of Hurricane Katrina are coming back to life in a New Orleans courtroom. An ex-cop if facing re-trial after he was convicted of shooting an unarmed man to death at an Algiers shopping center in the chaotic days after the storm.

“Office David Warren shot a fleeing man who was unarmed and posed no threat,” said prosecutors in their opening statements Wednesday morning.

This is the second trial for former officer David Warren who was convicted of shooting and killing Henry Glover and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

An appeals court later ordered a new trial, which began this week.

It was a case that caught national attention the first time: four other cops were convicted of a cover-up which included setting a car on fire with Glover’s body inside in order to destroy any possible evidence of alleged police misconduct.

In opening statements, prosecutors said, “When the defendant pulled the trigger Henry Glover was running away. Police training says officers may not shoot an unarmed man who is fleeing. David Warren was trained.”

But the defense told jurors a different story: “He [Office Warren] believed Glover was armed. He saw Glover with something in his hand, didn’t know what it was. So, he raised his gun and shot.”

Witnesses have begun offering their testimony on the stand. Trial is expected to last up to two weeks.

Jury selection is underway for the retrial of former NOPD officer David Warren.

Warren is accused of killing a man named Henry Glover in the days following Hurricane Katrina.

Warren faces charges of violating Glover’s civil rights and illegally discharging a firearm when he fatally shot Henry Glover after Katrina.

Warren was serving a prison sentence of nearly 26 years when a federal appeals court threw out the conviction saying warren’s prosecution was tainted.

jury selection will wrap up Tuesday.

The trial is expected to last two weeks.

Jury selection is underway in the new trial for former NOPD officer David Warren, who was convicted of shooting Henry Glover to death in the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina.

Nearly a year ago the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two guilty verdicts for Warren. Defense attorneys argued Warren should not have been tried alongside other officers charged with covering up the shooting by burning Glover’s body.

Warren is now being re-tried alone.  The case is expected to last about two weeks.

A new trial has been ordered for former New Orleans Police Officer David Warren in the 2005 shooting death of Henry Glover.

“How could this happen, without us knowing anything; not telling us nothing,” aunt Rebecca Glover said.

It was a staggering blow to the Glover family.

Monday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed two guilty verdicts for former NOPD Officer David Warren in the 2005 shooting death of Henry Glover.

Defense attorneys had argued that David Warren should not have been tried alongside other officers charged in the case.

Instead they wanted Warren tried separately; but the motion was denied in district court.

“The result was a lot of prejudicial information came in which we objected to and I think any policeman in this situation is entitled to have his actions whether he shoots or doesn’t shoot his weapon in self-defense free of all the type of things in this particular trial,” defense attorney Rick Simmons said.

WARRENA new trial has been ordered for David Warren.

The appellate court’s ruling was welcomed by the Warren family.

“It’s definitely good news before Christmas for our family and we’re looking forward to going forward with this,” David’s wife Kathy Warren said.

But it was unexpected by the Glover’s.

“I mean we thought we could pick up our pieces and go on but like we gotta relive this all over again,” Rebecca Glover said.

“We tried to get the state of Louisiana to prosecute this and they refused to. We tried to get Jim Letten to prosecute this and he refused to. We finally got the Department of Justice in here and we still have problems having to deal with inequality in an unequal country,” said C. W. Johnson with Communities United for Change.

The Glover family fears a new trial will result in a different outcome.

“We were always fearful that this was not a permanent verdict,” said Malcolm Suber with Communities United for Change.

“I am sick and I can’t go through this anymore, I just wish it would come to a close,” Glover’s mother Edna Glover said.

Defense attorneys are working to get bail for Warren after 2.5 years behind bars.

They’re also planning to move for a change in venue to ensure a fair trial.