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As if the team mutiny wasn’t enough, Grambling could be sued for ruining Jackson State’s homecoming.

Jackson State was forced to refund ticket holders after the Grambling football team refused to play Saturday’s game in Jackson. To make matters worse, it was Jackson State’s homecoming, and all the fans got to watch was an inter-squad scrimmage.

Now, the Jackson State athletic department says it’s $500,000 in the hole.

In a tweet posted Monday night, Muscle Milk promised  384 cases of their product to the Grambling football team.

The offer was made in response to some of the complaints the football players made that they were lacking basic training supplies such as Muscle Milk (a protein shake mixture) and Gatorade.


It looks like it’s back to the gridiron for the Grambling Tigers football team. After refusing to practice or participate in last week’s game against Jackson State in their homecoming, the players have said they will return to the field.

This comes after some extreme turmoil for the historic program, which has seen three different head coaches this year.

The players also complained of deteriorating athletic facilities, substandard equipment and having to travel by bus to locations as far away as Kansas City and Indianapolis.