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Gennifer Flowers on WGNO

gennifer flowersGennifer Flowers, who was initially made famous through her affair with Bill Clinton before he was President of the United States, spoke to Susan Roesgen at the News with a Twist bar. They talked about Flowers’ relationship & recent contact with Clinton, the advice she would give to Paula Broadwell after her affair with General David Petraeus, and her reality show concept “NOLA Queens.”

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Now have you heard that one of the most infamous mistresses in American presidential history wants her man back?  That’s what Gennifer Flowers is saying about Bill Clinton! 

Of course, when gennifer appeared on WGNO last fall, she said Clinton called her after Hurricane Katrina, and she told him to take a hike: “I picked up the phone and it was him and he wanted to come by my house and talk to me. I was taken aback. I said, ‘No, No, and I want you to leave me alone.’ “

But Thursday, the Daily Mail says Gennifer is changing her tune! The British tabloid says Gennifer now says she “bitterly regrets” rejecting Clinton when he last begged to see her, and he’s the “love of her life.”

She says they would still be together now if it wasn’t for his daughter, Chelsea.

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