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Inmates who are accused of appearing in and outside of the now closed house of detention in Orleans Parish face new charges.

Video shows the 14 inmates with money, weapons and drugs.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro announced the indictments this morning.

In a statement Sheriff Marlin Gusman said “I am pleased with the results that followed my request of District Attorney Cannizzaro to investigate this matter impartially.  My office cooperated fully with the District Attorney on this investigation.  Our office will continue to work with the DA to pursue prosecution of these individuals to the fullest extent of the law.”


captureA spokesman for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office has confirmed to WGNO News that 14 inmates face a nine-count indictment related to the controversial videos taken inside Orleans Parish Prison.

The videos show OPP inmates drinking beer, using illegal drugs and guns and cellphones.

The indictment itself, along with the names of the inmates, is expected to be made public later today.

Bill O’Reilly had quite a time on his show after showing the video from Orleans Parish Prison. The video, which looks like something from MTV more than a real prison, was showed to O’Reilly’s guest, Geraldo Rivera, and that’s when the fun started.

Rivera, who is on Fox News for a reason, mainly because he’s worn out his journalistic welcome at the other networks, is more National Enquirer than journalist.  And he certainly didn’t disappoint with his lame take on our city.

Rivera, after watching the OPP video, called New Orleans “the big sleezy”.  Wow, Geraldo can rhyme!   He went on to describe New Orleans, outside the tourist areas, as a “vast urban wasteland”.

It’s just Geraldo being Geraldo.  This is how he operates.  What’s arguably worse is how New Orleans leaders felt compelled to respond.

I’m all for New Orleans.  A proud native that does his very best to promote our city.  And if a viable journalist bashes our city wrongly, I’m gonna be the first to rail them.  But in this case it’s not a viable journalist bashing our city.  It’s just Geraldo Rivera.  And a response is simply not warranted.


Geraldo Rivera’s comments on Orleans Parish Prison corruption:

Bill O’Reilly addresses the response from some New Orleans civic leaders:


There was more national embarrassment for New Orleans this week.  Back on Tuesday, a federal judge released video from the Orleans Parish Prison that shocked most anyone that watched it.

The video taken inside of OPP shows inmates doing drugs, using cell phones, drinking cold beer from a cooler, and worst of all, having a loaded pistol in the jail.  Amazing.  What’s even more amazing is the “he said, she said” game that the mayor and sheriff are playing.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman blames the mayor for not funding the jail properly.   And Mayor Mitch Landrieu blames the sheriff for mot running it right.  Now that’s convenient.

I, like most citizens, blame both of them.  Grown men shirking their responsibilities and pointing the finger at each other?!?   We’ve got to do better than that.  We must do better than that.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Sheriff Marlin Gusman are the two individuals most responsible for the condition of the parish jail.  The federal consent decree to fix the jail is imperative.  It’s now time for our mayor and sheriff to play nice and step up and take responsibility.  Pointing the finger at each other isn’t going to solve anything.  Especially when both the mayor and sheriff are equally wrong.

Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman addressed media for the first time over that shocking video showing O.P.P. inmates with contraband and guns.

“The actions taken in that video are unacceptable and despicable.”

Standing in front of the new parish prison still under construction, Sheriff Gusman explained why his memory of four year old videos showing inmates carousing in and out of jail is vague, “I saw it on a very small screen. It wasn`t much. The video quality, it looks like it’s been greatly changed up. I don`t know what to say about that.”

Gusman says the video, locked for more than three years in a sheriff`s office safe, did not provide  enough evidence to sustain a case, “There was no contraband found. We searched and stripped searched the inmates.  We shook down the cells. Twice.”

He says charges were filed against two escaped inmates shown in a separate video living it up on Bourbon Street, “One individual being sentenced to five additional years and another being sentenced to an additional three plus years.”

Gusman said the shocking video released on Tuesday is a prime example of the sheriff`s office warnings falling on deaf ears, “I was ignored. Repeatedly. That video from 2009 revealed in graphic detail the devastating effect of crumbling, out dated jail buildings that are lacking in modern security measures.”

He blames mayor Mitch Landrieu`s administration for poor prison conditions and blocking solutions to fix problems, “The mayor chooses to waste time with Washington style politics and Archie Bunker rhetoric.”

Sheriff Gusman says he supports a federal consent decree for both the city and parish because it will make New Orleans a safer community, “That building is closed. That chapter is closed. We are never going to open it again.”

The sheriff also provided evidence of a warning letter to the mayor written two years ago, declaring future  financial shortfalls, bankruptcy and an end of jail operations.

News with a Twist

Ticks, Flies & Videotape

“This is where dey serve our food at…. right dere go the showers…right dere is da food cart… dey serving our food right next to our filthy showers…look, I’m in my underwear and I’m standing right next to da food.” That’s a brief transcript of the now infamous videos shot INSIDE the Orleans Parish Prison(1) which could now double as the set of a John Carpenter film “Escape From New Orleans.”

It is truly embarrassing to watch the criminal class conduct health inspections of the Prison on videotape, not for the prisoners mind you but for the liberals elected and appointed who run this asylum for the criminally unhygienic. Yet New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu seems only embarrassed by the fact that he hasn’t shamed the Obama Administration into “taking over” the prison. While most of the Southern United States are trying to chase the federal government out of our affairs, pols like Landrieu beg for the opposite.

Leave aside for the moment the sordid images of prisoners cavorting about on Bourbon Street or drinking tall boys of beer or searching in vain for a vein to shoot up with inside the prison and consider for a moment this sad state of affairs outside the jail: The mayor of a major U.S. City is boasting about a new infrastructure project that will cost $226 MILLION to build. No, it’s not a modern aquifer or foolproof levy. It’s a prison to house this city’s – bursting at the seams- criminal element not to mention the $30 million per year it costs to run the jail. While Landrieu blames sheriff Gusman and Gusman blames the lack of funding, the city gets the black eye.

Apparently former mayor Moon Landrieu never told his children Mitch and Mary, Ronald Reagan’s famous joke about the Federal government whose punchline is “Hello, I’m from the Federal Government and I’m here to help.” Landrieu was elected to deal with these problems not outsource them to the people who managed bin Ghazi and Solyndra.


New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu responds to video from inside the Orleans Parish Prison showing inmates doing drugs, gambling and playing with a loaded gun.

“Our beef has been primarily with the Department of Justice who continues to come down here and have mandates without bringing money to assist. The funding from the federal government since 1996 has been cut by 88%. So they have to have skin in the game, and they have to be willing not only to tell us what to do but how to do it and help us do it.”

“DOJ has not been, in my opinion, a competent partner on this particular issue.”

When asked if he thought conditions have gotten better since that video was shot, Mayor Landrieu replied, “I don’t have access to the prisons. The Sheriff is the keeper of the jail. I can’t go in the prison, I’m not authorized to go in the prisons.”

“It doesn’t make sense to lay off police officers to hire more guards when, in fact, half of the guards aren’t guarding the prisoners. So for us, it’s a management issue. There’s a way to fix this thing, but it’s got to be everybody in, everybody pulling in the same direction. There’s got to be a clear plan, there has to be great management, there has to be great confidence that the public has in the management.”

The third video released shows a person who investigators say was an inmate and was supposed to be inside Orleans Parish Prison walking on Bourbon Street and even speaking with NOPD officers.

NOTE: video is unedited and may contain material not suitable for children

Federal judge Lance Africk ordered the release of two videos Tuesday that were shown in conjunction with hearings over the consent decree at Orleans Parish Prison.

The four clips on this page show prisoners doing drugs, playing with what appears to be a loaded handgun, drinking and gambling inside the prison.

NOTE: video is unedited and contains material not suitable for children