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News with a Twist

The Governor’s Wife got cancelled … are you surprised?

No, I haven’t watched an episode of “The Governor’s Wife,” and now it looks like I never will.

Apparently, a show about a crooked ex-governor, who has no skins on the wall (except being a convicted felon) wasn’t good TV.  Imagine that. I’m not too shocked. When national figure Sarah Palin’s show didn’t get past the first four episodes, did you really expect Edwin Edwards to?

The dopey show reveals to America what we already knew: Edwards is joke.  A criminal-minded little man who has so few real accomplishments. A man who was governor of this state for four terms and has absolutely nothing to show for it.  Well, let me correct myself, WE have nothing to show for it.

This looks like it’s the last stand of Edwin Edwards.  The last time we all have to be embarrassed by this joker.  The ratings were absolutely terrible for his TV show and now, like the Governor’s fame and power, it’s gone, cancelled.

Dismal job as governor.  Dismal ratings on TV.  Did you honestly expect anything else from the Edwin Edwards?

They are kind of like Louisiana’s own royal family.   Former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina have a new A&E reality show, “The Governor’s Wife”.

The show follows legendary 86-year old Former Governor and his 35 year old wife, her sons and new step-daughters.   The show premieres on A&E Sunday night at 9 p.m.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez spent the day with the famous family at their Gonzales home and got all the dirt!

News with a View

TV “Wife” Gambles On The Gambler, Edwin Edwards

How’s this for the tag line of the next edition of TV’s latest “reality show”, “[t]hey sent me to prison for life but I came back with a good looking wife”? It is no joke that the sheer amount of infamous celebrities this country produces would make identifying this quote’s author nearly impossible so let me add “ex-governor” and “ex-con” to the mix. Well, that gets us closer but Rob Blagojevich [1] fans will be disappointed to learn that Edwin Edwards landed the plum role with newest wife Trina. The Governor’s Wife will debut next Sunday night on A&E [2] and judging by the trailer, won’t be winning any Emmy awards but I can see it finding a “cult following” among our debauched citizenry.

After all American anti-cult has elevated obese dance instructor’s with bullhorns for mouths, “little people” and the soul-less Kardashian clan to mega-star level, why not an 86 year old, Viagara popping ex con/governor!? But there is something even more disturbing about Edwards and his newfound “fame”. When our statesmen of old aged on, they usually did so while in office or working with those in office but rarely in infamy.

James Monroe at the tender age of 71 was elected to attend the second VA constitutional convention of 1829 with 78 year old James Madison. Louisiana’s own Jimmie Davis lived to 101 years old before passing away [3] without ever having been sent to prison and remains as famous for “You are my Sunshine” than for any accomplishments while serving 2 terms as governor. Davis lived out his 70’s and 80’s by singing in Churches, the last place one would expect to find almost any governor today unless they were exchanging their 4th or 5th set of wedding “vows”.

Will The Governor’s Wife be a hit? I can’t answer that but I can quote H.L. Mencken who famously said “Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public [4].” I’ll say, just ask Honey Boo Boo.

Former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife, Trina, are close to making their reality TV debut.

“The Governor’s Wife” premieres on A&E on October 27.

Here’s a teaser:

A sure sign that the state of Louisiana is finally moving forward: the Edwin Edwards interview at the LSU Union Theatre was a complete failure. The reason? No one showed up to watch.

In typical Edwards fashion, LSU and the state lost about $45,000 on the event. Nothing new here. Higher education and the advancement of the state suffering tremendously under Edwards.

First off what ex-governor would require a fee to show up for an interview at his own state’s flagship public institution? Not a private sector interview, but one paid for by the state and LSU.

Secondly, not addressing the number one topic on everyone’s list, his federal conviction, made for a fairly worthless interview. Only about 25% of the 1200+ tickets available actually sold, while the rest were simply given away. Problem was, even with free admission, no one showed up. Well, I shouldn’t say no one. Less than half the theatre was full, and that’s with nearly 1000 freebies given away. And that’s a good thing.

Not that no one showed up to watch an old crook opine about the breakfast grits at the Cracker Barrel in Gonzales, but that today’s Louisianians don’t care about an old washed up thief.

It was almost a sad day for Edwin Edwards. Once, a man who could draw a crowd by simply walking outside now can’t garner one when they give tickets away to his event.

A sad day for Edwards is a good day for us.  When no one is taking this guy seriously, it’s a sure sign that Louisiana is finally moving forward.

Look at that precious face! Former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina shared the first picture of Edwin holding their new son on Facebook.

Baby Eli was born early Thursday morning and weighed 6 pounds and 3 ounces.

This is Trina’s third child and Edwin’s fifth.

The couple married shortly after Edwin Edwards was released from federal prison in 2011.

Trina Edwards, the wife of former governor Edwin Edwards, gave birth to the couple’s first child, Eli Wallace, overnight.

Trina confirmed the baby’s arrival early this morning on her Facebook page.

This is the third child for Trina and the fifth for Edwin.

Happy anniversary to 85-year-old former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards and his 34-year-old wife Trina! It’s been two years since they sashayed through the French Quarter for their wedding!

They also recently finished filming their reality show for A&E called “The Governor’s Wife.”

Trina gushed about their anniversary on Facebook today, saying what a wonderful two years it has been, but she might be a little bit miserable right now because she’s pregnant with little Eli Wallace Edwards, and he’s late!

The baby’s due date is also today, but no signs of baby yet.

The reality show for former governor Edwin Edwards and his wife, Trina, will not make a June premier.

Originally the show was scheduled to make its debut on the A&E network earlier this year in the time slot following Duck Dynasty.

But network execs opted to delay The Governor’s Wife until perhaps this month.

Now a source close to the program says A&E is excited about the program and will definitely air it, but not this month, and no new premier date has been selected.