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Death of Bourbon Street dancer Jaren Lockhart


Jaren Lockhart, 22, was last seen on Tuesday, June 10, 2012.  She worked as an exotic dancer at Temptations Gentlemen’s club on Bourbon Street.

Parts of Lockhart’s dismembered body washed ashore on the South Mississippi beaches.

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captureFriends and family said goodbye Thursday evening to a French Quarter dancer who was murdered and dismembered.

Brandon G. Thompson Funeral home is where people came to remember 23 year old Jaren Lockhart.

Family asks media to remain off property during this time of sorrow.

One man was thrown out during the funeral and then taken into custody by Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. The man was released.

It was two weeks ago to the day workers discovered the dancer’s torso washed up on the shores of Bay St. Louis. So far no one is charged with the murder.

In custody are the last two people seen with Lockhart caught on surveillance camera.

Margret Sanchez’s bond was reset Thursday  from one million to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for harboring a sex offender.

Terry Speaks is awaiting extradition to North Carolina charged with failing to register as a sex offender.

The FBI now leads this investigation.

sanchezA spokesperson for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office confirms Margaret Sanchez faces a new charge of harboring a sex offender.

Sanchez is one of two suspects in the death and dismemberment of a French Quarter dancer. The other suspect is Terry Speaks. He is a convicted sex offender who now faces a federal charge for failing to register.

Neither Sanchez nor Speaks has been charged with the death of Jarren Lockhart, whose dismembered body washed ashore along the beach in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. Both are considered suspects in the case.

Monday, Sanchez was also seen by workers at a mental health clinic in Hammond, according to her attorney.

Last week, state and federal investigators searched the home that Speaks and Sanchez shared in Kenner.

captureA suspect in the killing and dismemberment of Jaren Lockhart will be sent to Surry County, North Carolina to face unrelated charges.

Terry Speaks is facing federal charges for failing to register as a sex offender since moving to Kenner.

The Surry County Sheriff’s Department says this isn’t the first time Speaks has skipped town.

He’s been charged with failing to register two other times.

The other suspect in the killing who had been living with Speaks remains in the Tangipahoa Parish jail.

Margaret Sanchez has a $1,500 bond but there’s a hold on her out of Hancock County, Mississippi preventing her release.

captureThey want justice for Jaren Lockhart.

People from across the Gulf Coast expressed that feeling Thursday by the Bay St. Louis Mississippi beach where the body parts of the murdered mother and Bourbon Street dancer washed up last week.

People of all ages wrote notes, lit candles and said prayers.

Meanwhile, police and federal agents worked to solve the grisly killing which took place sometime after the 23-year-old Temptations dancer left work with two persons of interest last Wednesday morning.

Terry  Speaks and Margaret Sanchez are in jail on charges unrelated to the murder but are continuing to be questioned about the crime by investigators, Hancock County, Mississippi Chief Deputy Don Bass said Thursday.

The two were arrested Tuesday by the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force.

Last Wednesday morning Lockhart went missing.

She was seen leaving Temptations with Sanchez and Speaks on the club’s security video, investigators said.

Days later the dancer’s torso, head and limbs were found scattered on beaches and in the water in Hancock and Harrison Counties.

Though they are being questioned and held in jail, neither Sanchez nor Speaks have been formally charged with murder.

capture“She was a party girl,” said Louis Goins as he worked the door of a French Quarter club Wednesday evening. Goins was talking about Margaret Sanchez, one of two persons of interest in the death of a Bourbon Street dancer whose dismembered body was found along the beach in Mississippi.

According to several people who work the doors, bars, and streets of the French Quarter, Sanchez made the rounds as a street performer. They say she also worked occasionally as a dancer, just like the victim in the case, Jaren Lockhart.

Surveillance video from a Bourbon Street strip club shows Sanchez and a man most recently from North Carolina, Terry Speaks, leaving the business with Lockhart. They are believed to be among the last people to see Lockhart alive.

Both Speaks and Sanchez are behind bars, but neither faces any charges connected to Lockhart’s death.

Back on Bourbon Street, a street performer says he was a friend of Sanchez. But he says her boyfriend, Speaks, was less outgoing and friendly with the often close-knit group of employees and workers who see each other regularly on the street.

“He was always the jealous type person. He had his mood swings like when guys talk to his girl. Every time she’d see me, I’d give her a hug, and you could just kind of see the look on his face,” the performer said.

Goins wonders if Sanchez simply got caught up in an unpredictable relationship that took a sinister turn.

“You never know what somebody’s thinking. You might not know what the other person is thinking and you just happened to be caught up,” he said.

captureJune 13, 2012 12:55 PM UPDATE: The man’s name has been confirmed as 39-year-old Terry Speaks of Kenner.

June 13, 2012 11:30 AM UPDATE: The two people in the surveillance video are in custody in Tangiphoa Parish, according to Hancock County officials.

The woman is identified as Margaret Sanchez and they are working to identify the male because he has many aliases.

They were arrested in Louisiana on charges unrelated to the disappearance of Jaren Lockhart: the man is wanted in North Carolina and Sanchez was arrested for harboring a fugitive, according to Danielle Thomas from WLOX-TV.

The Hancock County, Mississippi Sheriff’s Office released surveillance pictures of two persons of interest in the killing and dismemberment of a Bourbon Street dancer.

Deputies say a man and a woman are seen in surveillance pictures leaving Temptations with 23-year-old Jaren Lockhart, a beloved mother, sister and daughter to family members in Hammond and elsewhere.

The security footage shows a blond woman and a tank-top, tattooed, checkered hat wearing man enter the strip club last Wednesday morning just before 2AM, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Investigators also said they have video of the pair leaving the club 20 minutes later with Lockhart, but that portion of the video has not been released.

Neither of the two were labeled suspects, but are wanted for questioning.

Lockhart’s torso was found on a Bay St. Louis Mississippi beach last Thursday night before her limbs and decapitated head surfaced several miles away in Harrison County over the weekend.

Deputies say they don’t know the nature of the relationship the wanted man and the woman had with Lockhart.

Anyone with information on the identities of the two or other details on the case is urged to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office at (228)466-6910.

captureWhile detectives in two-states try to find whoever is responsible for killing and cutting up a Bourbon Street dancer, other women who perform in the Quarter are taking extra precautions.

“It can happen to me. It can happen to her,” says one dancer who didn’t want to say her name.  “It can happen to the lady right there walking. It can happen to anybody out here.”

22 year old Jaren Lockhart`s torso washed up in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on Thursday. Other body parts including her head and legs where found over the weekend.

Tide experts are trying to determine where Lockhart was killed, dismembered and thrown into the water.

Police were at Temptations Gentlemen`s Club on Bourbon street Monday where Lockhart was last seen.

Detectives are sifting through surveillance footage for clues.

Investigators in Mississippi say the surveillance shows Lockhart leaving temptations early Wednesday morning. They don’t say who she was with.

Lockhart was the mother of a three year old daughter.

“I hope that they find whoever did that,” says the dancer. “Because they were low down and dirty to take her away from her kids. Nobody should have been taken out like that.”

Those who work nights on bourbon say keeping alert can mean the difference between life and death, “Never leave with a stranger. Never. We have to walk down dark streets to get to our hotel to begin with so we walk in the middle of the street. It`s a dangerous city. ”

captureOn Saturday more body parts washed ashore on the South Mississippi beaches.  Pathologists in Hancock County now confirm that the body parts found belong to 22-year old, Jaren Lockhart.

Four body parts were found: a torso, two legs, and a decapitated head since late last week.

Lockhart had been missing since Tuesday, and worked as an exotic dancer on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

Hancock County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy, Don Bass said that late last week a torso was found in Bay St. Louis.  Then on Saturday two legs were found cut off in Pass Christian by fishermen.   Later on Saturday, a woman’s decapitated head surfaced in the surf in Long Beach.

Lockhart was staying at the Capri Motel on Tulane Ave. in New Orleans.  Motel workers at Capri Motel told WGNO News, their surveillance cameras caught her leaving their property on Tuesday around 8 p.m.  They said Lockhart was a quiet woman.

Officials confirm Lockhart went to work at Temptations Gentlemen’s club on Bourbon Street on Tuesday night.  She hasn’t been seen since. Surveillance videos from the club may hold clues to her disapperance.

Hancock County investigators and the NOPD are working together to aggressively follow leads to catch a suspect.


Deputies in Hancock County, Mississippi are working to determine who the washed-up body with no arms legs or head belongs to.

The torso with tattoos and piercings was found on the beach Thursday evening about two miles west of the downtown Bay St Louis waterfront business district.

Deputies say it was workers pushing sand along the Bay St. Louis beachfront who discovered the dismembered and decapitated torso.

New Orleans Police say they’re looking into the possibility the victim is 22-year-old Jaren Lockhart last seen Tuesday along Tulane Avenue who also has tattoos.

The Hancock County Sheriff says an identity may not be known until DNA test results come back on Monday.