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Dean Kelly charged with rape


Dean Kelly played the man who goes skinny dipping with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s music video for “Crazy.”

Actor and model Dean Kelly is facing multiple charges of sexual assault in New Orleans.


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Accused rapist Dean Kelly is still waiting to be released from jail, after accepting a deal Monday and pleading guilty to sexual battery.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to defense attorneys and has a look at the release process that’s been slow going.

Dean Kelly’s release has been delayed.

The former model had been slapped with two counts of forcible rape, kidnapping and pornography involving juveniles and he was facing serious jail time.

Kelly was accused of using text messages, and phone calls to lure women into meeting him, and according to prosecutors, he also promised victims access to movie sets and VIP parties.

Monday he cut a deal and pleaded guilty to sexual battery  and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

WGNO news has learned the judge wanted him released Monday but the process has been delayed due to paper work.

According to defense attorneys Kelly is being housed in the St. Charles Parish Jail pending a calculation for time served.

Kelly has been incarcerated for 22-months.

Once the calculation is completed, the department of corrections will send that information to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s office, and a release date will be determined.

Monday District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro talked about the conditions of Kelly’s impending release.

“He will be responsible and have to register as a sex offender for at least the next ten years,” Cannizzaro said. “He will be placed on five years of active and supervised probation, and anytime should he violate any of the conditions of the probation, the judge will in all likelihood put him in jail for a period of up to ten years.”

Defense attorneys had hoped Kelly would have been released Monday or Tuesday.

Now they expect Kelly to be released within the next several days.

Dean Kelly will soon be released from jail on probation.

The former model has pleaded guilty to sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has reaction from District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

“As a female student, I think there should maybe be a little bit more awareness generated about this,” Isabel Terkuhlu said.

University students near the Uptown home of Dean Kelly’s parents are reacting to news that the former model has stuck a deal with prosecutors that will ultimately set him free.

Kelly had been accused of rape.

Monday in court he pleaded guilty to sexual battery and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

He could be released as early as Monday evening or sometime Tuesday.

“It’s a tough call,” neighbor Dean Wolcott said. “There must have been a reason why they didn’t want to go through the trial.”

District Attorney Leon Cannizarro is pleased, saying a prolonged process could have interrupted healing for the two victims.

“The benefit is that the victims of the sexual offenses are not required to come back to court and have to testify and I think that a very very big plus for them, because you never have to relive a very horrible experience that she had to go through in the first place,” Cannizzaro explained.

Kelly had faced two counts of forcible rape, kidnapping, and pornography involving juveniles.

He was accused of using text messages, and phone calls to lure women into meeting him.

Prosecutors say Kelly also promised victims access to movie sets and VIP parties.

The conditions of his release require that he register as a sex offender, and he’s banned from using social media sites.

“And anytime should he violate any of the conditions of the probation the judge will in all likelihood put him in jail for a period of up to ten years,” Cannizzaro said. “So it’s a very good result for us.”

“That’s comforting definitely I mean I guess that’s all they can really do at this point,” Terkuhlu said.

“I trust the system so I have to assume they got the best deal they could get,”  Wolcott said.

Cannizzarro says if Kelly violates his probation he’ll be considered a multiple offender; and would face mandatory penalties without the chance of a suspended sentence or probation.

Attorneys for Kelly were not available for comment before Monday night’s broadcast.

Former model Dean Kelly, who is accused of raping two teenage girls in 2005, pled guilty Monday to reduced charges.

The judge ordered him to serve a 10-year suspended sentence, with credit for time served.

He’ll also have to register as a sex offender.

Kelly is mostly known for his appearance in the 1994 Aerosmith “Crazy” video.

deankellyA former model accused of rape is back in jail.

A judge revoked bond for Dean Kelly.

Prosecutors say they showed a judge evidence proving Kelly partied with young girls during carnival.

Kelly is awaiting trial on two rape charges and carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

His bond is now set higher at $2.5 million dollars.

Below is Dean Kelly’s booking information, as provided by the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office. Note: Kelly is charged with these crimes, but has not been convicted of them:

Dean Kelly booking info


(New Orleans Police / February 15, 2011)

A judge denied bond for ex-model Dean Kelly Wednesday in municipal court.

Kelly is in a legal mess between two court houses. In municipal court, attorneys have been examining whether Kelly violated his probation on a 2010 disturbing the peace case. And in a related hearing, whether Kelly would he flee, if his family posted bond. Judge John Shea firmly stated Kelly does pose a flight risk.

In recorded calls Kelly made from jail to his mother, he says “I ***** want to go to Mexico” and “I just want to start over”.

In another recorded call, he asks his mother to make a doctor’s appointment at Ochsner at the same time of the continued probation revocation hearing Thursday “to push the trial”.

“Not something that’s uncommon. I’ve heard that before from defendants who are facing serious time. These are rape charges that he is presently facing in criminal district court. The maximum criminal penalty for each rape charge is imprisonment is up to 40 years at hard labor and there are multiple counts that he is presently pending,” said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Paramedics who also treated Kelly when he collapsed in court Monday during the probation revocation hearing testified they believe medically, he was okay.

While this is a municipal case, the district attorney’s office is keeping a close eye on it because they don’t want Kelly leaving the area as they prepare three rape charges against him.

“It was important for us to get involved in this to prevent him from leaving the jurisdiction and so we can have an opportunity to present our case in criminal district court on more serious charges, rape charges,” Cannizzaro said.

Kelly’s wife of one month, Lauren, also testified on his behalf that she’s aware he is not allowed to leave the state of Louisiana.

Kelly is due back in municipal court Thursday.

The DA says if Kelly is released on probation, there will be a bond hearing in criminal court.

272614120-08141121[1]The following is a statement from The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office regarding the status of inmate Dean Kelly, DOB March 5, 1971.

“Dean Kelly, aka Tyler Durden, was booked March 18, 2011, on a charge of forcible rape.

The OPSO placed inmate Kelly in Protective Custody immediately following his arrival into the Intake and Processing Center. At all times while in Protective Custody, inmate Kelly had no physical contact with other inmates, prior to his hearing March 21. Further, inmate Kelly was escorted by ranking OPSO personnel whenever he left his cell, according to standard OPSO operating procedures.

Inmate Kelly remained in the custody of OPSO deputies while undergoing a medical evaluation.

Inmate Kelly was interviewed in the OPSO warden’s office, upon his return to OPSO jail facilities this morning. He denied being involved in any physical altercation with any inmate or deputy. The inmate had no visible signs of injuries that could have been caused by any alleged altercation prior to the March 21 incident in court.

Inmate Kelly remains in protective custody.

Due to patient confidentiality standards, the OPSO will not discuss the specific medical treatment of inmate Kelly or any other inmate in our custody.”

60243585-19061012-400225[1]New Orleans police have arrested an Uptown man again for rape. This is the third charge against Dean Kelly. The 40 year old ex model and actor has been arrested for a third time since last month on a rape related charge.

The NOPD says Kelly raped a 17-year old girl at his home on St. Charles Avenue. The alleged incident happened in November of 2005. This is the second accusation from 2005.

Another woman says she was 16 back then when a similar assault happened. Another woman says she was assaulted last year at this home.

Dr. Peter Scharf is a Tulane Criminologist.

“Rape is often power. It’s manipulation, status, its expectations; it’s a lot of things,” Scharf said.

College girls Uptown say they’ve been monitoring this case. One young lady we met says be careful who you trust and never judge someone only on their outer appearance.

“Even if someone is good looking you need to make sure that you talk to them, or not necessarily talk to them but like don’t fall into it and get trapped into that because it could be very dangerous because you don’t know who that person is or what they’ve done, you just have to be careful I guess,” said student Leigha Bystol.

Tulane police had warned students about Kelly. They say he would approach young women in public areas making promises to give them tickets and access to movie sets. Now they have their guards up.

“I think, I guess it’s kind of scary ’cause I guess if an attractive guy comes up to you, you know it’s very easy to feel like comfortable or whatever but I guess you just like have to be aware, you know be smart.

Kelly was out on bond on the two prior cases. NOPD has received out of state calls from other women complaining about Kelly they are checking out.

WGNO News has confirmed that New Orleans Police arrested Dean Kelly Tuesday on an additional charge of rape.

Dean Kelly is now facing two rape charges, in addition to charges of contributing to the delinquency of juveniles and disturbing the peace, according to the NOPD.

Kelly originally rose to fame as the man who goes skinny dipping with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s “Crazy” music video.

39-year-old Kelly was arrested last week for a sexual assault investigators happened in November, 2010.

Police say since his initial arrest they’ve been investigating additional complaints against Kelly.


Dean Kelly played the man who goes skinny dipping with Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith’s music video for “Crazy.”

Dean Kelly skinny dipped with Alicia Silverstone in the music video for Aerosmith’s “Crazy in 1994 (Kelly appears at about the 4:30 mark in the video):