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Crescent City Connection toll battle

CCC1On Nov 6, 2012, Voters in Jefferson & Orleans Parish voted on whether to extend the tolls on the Crescent City Connection (CCC) bridge for another 20 years.

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tollsThe Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announces the next phase of decommissioning the Crescent City Connection Bridge Toll Plaza. At 5 a.m., Tuesday, November 12, two travel lanes will be closed to begin acclimating drivers to the future final configuration.

Lanes one and nine are auxiliary lanes that originate just in advance of the toll plaza. They were chosen based on the current four-lane upstream configuration. Motorists will be alerted to the closures via the activated red “X” above the canopy of each lane.

DOTD appreciates the motoring public’s patience as it continues with the early stages of decommissioning activity.


CCC Toll Amnesty Program Ends Oct. 1st


The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) Crescent City Connection (CCC) Amnesty Program ends Tuesday, October 1st..

The program provides an opportunity for toll violators to resolve outstanding amounts due by payment of the tolls without late charges and administrative fees. The program began Monday, July 22, and will end October 1, 2013. Persons who take advantage of the program will be relieved of any further obligations and be obligated only to pay amounts due under the program.

Individuals who want to participate in the program must fill out the CCC Toll Amnesty Program Application, have it postmarked by October 1, 2013, and mailed to DOTD, Attn: CCC Toll Violation Amnesty Program, P.O. Box 6297, New Orleans, LA  70174-6297. Checks or money orders will be accepted. Checks should be made payable to DOTD. Additional information is available online at

Any person who has entered into a payment plan agreement in connection with failure to pay a toll to cross the Crescent City Connection Bridge prior to January 1, 2013, may utilize the program to finalize their account balance. Approximately 22,000 individuals will be receiving required notices for prior violations. However, if notice recipients participate in the CCC Toll Amnesty program only the toll amount would be due as opposed to the toll plus fines and late fees.

Upon conclusion of the program, all violators who have not participated will be identified and all evidence of outstanding toll violations will be turned over to the Department of Justice for collection of the full payment. Individuals would then be subject to the Department of Justice’s debt collection methods which include flagging driver’s licenses, garnishing wages, and seizing bank accounts.

This is a voluntary program; each eligible toll debtor must determine if participation is in their best interest. This program applies exclusively to violations incurred on the Crescent City Connection in New Orleans. The bill was co-authored by State Senator J.P. Morrell (District 3) and State Representative Girod Jackson (District 87).

The violation processing portion of state’s electronic toll collection system which served CCC became fully functional and able to access violator information. Since then, DOTD has been sending out violations notices as they occur as well as working to catch up the processing of past violation images.  The result of these efforts is that DOTD staff has now processed CCC violation notices for approximately 22,000 individuals that were part of the backlog.

DOTD will not resend invoices previously sent which are eligible for the program. Previous violators will bear the responsibility to inquire online, US Mail, or email if an outstanding toll is owed.

For more information on the CCC Toll Amnesty program, please visit or email

If you were about to give up on all the paperwork you had to fill out to get your toll tag refund from the Crescent City Connection, don’t despair! The Refund the Tolls program kicked off today, getting rid of the hassle of writing a statement, completing a W9 form, and so on.

Now all you have to do is log onto

More than $7 million in unclaimed toll money is waiting. In the last month, the state has returned just $87,000.

If you’ve got an outstanding toll violation from crossing the Crescent City Connection, we’ve got good news: you’ve been pardoned! Sort of.

Starting Monday the CCC toll amnesty program will allow you to pay your violations without charging you any further penalties or fees.

To learn more about the program – which runs through October – go to

And then there were none! The toll booths on the Crescent City Connection bridge are all gone. That means no more nightly closures on the bridge.

Early last month, crews started working on removing the Greater New Orleans bridge’s 12 booths using cranes to lift the 2,500 pound booths off their foundations. The toll booths may be used as spares for the LA-1 toll bridge.


Deadline Looms For CCC Toll Refunds

Friday is the deadline to get a refund on your Crescent City Connection toll tag.  Until the deadline passes, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development will be handling the refunds.  You can collect by simply going to the bridge’s office in Algiers.

If you miss the deadline, you can still get a refund, but the State Treasurer’s Office will be handling the money.  You’ll need to call 888-925-4127 for details.  You can also contact the department via email using this link:

So far, more than 9,000 people have received refunds totaling more than $360,000.


CCC toll booths coming down

The DOTD has announced plans to begin demolition on the Crescent City Connection toll plaza.

The process to remove booths in lanes 1-6 began Wednesday night around 10pm.

A number of drivers have gone on recording saying this phase of decommissioning the CCC toll plaza is long overdue.

It’s been just more than a month since voters overwhelmingly rejected a 20-year toll extension, in the May 4th ‘do-over’ vot

Since then, toll tag users have been pleased to apply for refunds.

Many say they’re looking forward to the demolition of the toll plaza.

During the process several lanes leading to the plaza will have to be closed.

No word from the DOTD how long it will take before all twelve booths will be removed.

tollsTuesday, the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announce it has written more than $250,000 in checks to  process nearly 6,300 toll tag refunds.

The DOTD says every request that has been properly submitted with all the appropriate information has been processed.

Anyone who chooses to file for their refund in person at the CCC office in Algiers can expect the process to last 20 to 30 minutes.

If you still haven’t gotten your Crescent City Connection toll tag refund, listen-up: a bill that would streamline the process is now sitting on Governor Bobby Jindal’s desk waiting for his signature. The bill would transfer the refund responsibility from the Department of Transportation to State Treasurer John Kennedy’s office.

If the governor signs the bill toll tag holders will have until July 2014 to claim their refund or the money will be put into a maintenance fund for the CCC.