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News with a Twist

The Governor’s Wife got cancelled … are you surprised?

No, I haven’t watched an episode of “The Governor’s Wife,” and now it looks like I never will.

Apparently, a show about a crooked ex-governor, who has no skins on the wall (except being a convicted felon) wasn’t good TV.  Imagine that. I’m not too shocked. When national figure Sarah Palin’s show didn’t get past the first four episodes, did you really expect Edwin Edwards to?

The dopey show reveals to America what we already knew: Edwards is joke.  A criminal-minded little man who has so few real accomplishments. A man who was governor of this state for four terms and has absolutely nothing to show for it.  Well, let me correct myself, WE have nothing to show for it.

This looks like it’s the last stand of Edwin Edwards.  The last time we all have to be embarrassed by this joker.  The ratings were absolutely terrible for his TV show and now, like the Governor’s fame and power, it’s gone, cancelled.

Dismal job as governor.  Dismal ratings on TV.  Did you honestly expect anything else from the Edwin Edwards?

Justin Bieber posted some pictures of himself spray painting a wall in Brazil, but there was one picture in particular that’s raising some eyebrows:

Some folks say this image – a gorilla in jewelry – is a racist caricature.

Do you agree? Join the conversation on our Facebook page (and see some more pictures of Justin as an artist below):

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood goes backstage and behind the scenes in Hollywood with Jimmy Kimmel at his show Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

News with a Twist

A star from Covington: Addison Riecke

Covington native Addison Riecke talks about her role on Nickelodeon’s ‘The Thundermans,’ life as a star AND a student at Kehoe-France Northshore, and her efforts to help the Covington Food Bank.

Wild Bill Wood in Hollywood backstage at America’s top TV show Dancing with the Stars!

When you’re in the French Quarter you never know who you’ll see!

Today, we saw one of the most famous faces around: Café du Monde posted a photo of former president Bill Clinton walking with a cup of his now favorite coffee.

He was in town for the American Dental Association’s annual session.

DSC00041-277×177The legendary Diana Ross performed at the newly re-opened Saenger Theater on Wednesday.

They are kind of like Louisiana’s own royal family.   Former Governor Edwin Edwards and his wife Trina have a new A&E reality show, “The Governor’s Wife”.

The show follows legendary 86-year old Former Governor and his 35 year old wife, her sons and new step-daughters.   The show premieres on A&E Sunday night at 9 p.m.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez spent the day with the famous family at their Gonzales home and got all the dirt!

There’s a lot of buzz around the Louisiana-shot film, ’12 years a Slave’.

’12 Tears a Slave’ is based on the 1853 autobiography by Solomon Northup.   It’s an extraordinary true story of a free black man who was drugged, kidnapped, and forced into slavery. For 12 years, Northup was a slave at various plantations in Louisiana.

The new film is directed by Steve McQueen and stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbender, Bryan Batt, Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard, Lupita Nyong’o, Sarah Paulson, Dwight Henry, and Quevenzhane Wallis.

The movie kicked off the start of the 24th annual New Orleans Film Festival, which runs through Thursday.

News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez takes you to the red carpet premiere.