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We are learning more about a fistfight caught on camera that led to the suspension of an NOPD officer.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday we heard from one of the women in the middle of the melee.

Now WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter reveals why the woman says the fight was allowed to happen.

Nearly one month after the smack-down that stopped traffic on busy Canal Street, we caught up with one of the women who boastfully claimed her bit in the brawl .

Trotter asked, “Is this you? “Don’t that look like me,” Ablioncia Lindsey replied.

Lindsey is the one in the pink blouse kicking, punching, and pulling hair like her life depended on it.

It was a fight over a disagreement that she says never should have happened; because she thought police standing nearby would keep her safe.


“Like he didn’t defend me at all,” Lindsey said. “The man didn’t defend me, he didn’t even help me he just was standing up there the whole time.”

She’s talking about officer Cortez Hankton.

The veteran officer defense attorneys claim was hesitant to break up a street fight between the two women,.

Instead he used his radio to call for back-up from female officers.

But Lindsey tells a different story.

“The police told the other police that was on duty with them they wasn’t going to do nothing about it,” Lindsey said. “They just was gonna stand up there and just let us fight.” “That’s what he said.”

After tussling into a glass window and having her hand bitten, Lindsey says the opponent’s brother stepped in and punched her in the face; not once, twice, but three times.

“I was in the hospital for that too,” Lindsey said.

A civilian woman wearing a purple shirt appears to do more to hold the man back than officer Hankton.

The YouTube video has gone viral.

“My grandmother and aunt, they called all the way from California asking me about what was going on with the fight and why was the police just standing up there,” Lindsey said.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas says all officers are trained to break up fights, and there is no policy against male officers breaking up fights between women.

Officer Cortez Hankton has been placed on leave without pay pending the outcome of an independent investigation.

NOPD officer suspended for failing to break up New Orleans street fight YouTube video of a fistfight on Canal Street is stirring up controversy within the New Orleans Police Department.

An officer at the scene of the melee between two women is being accused of neglecting to break-up the brawl.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke exclusively to the woman many are calling a victim.

This is the YouTube video at the center of controversy; and this is the woman on the losing end of the hair-pulling, face-scratching, beat-down that happened last month in the middle of downtown’s busy shopping district.

“That’s me and the sister on the glass fighting,” victim Ablioncia Lindsey said.

22-year old Ablioncia Lindsey says when an argument escalated, she never expected to go to blows because NOPD officers were patrolling nearby.

Judging from the video and the actions of officer Cortez Hankton, it apparently didn’t matter.

We showed the video to Kisha Briggs.

“He stood there and did not tell them one thing,” Briggs sad.

“The sister and the brother were attacking me and the police were just standing up there,” Lindsey said.

“While she’s trying to protect herself from another female, another guy comes along and is able to punch, not one but several licks on her that was horrible,” Briggs said in disappointment.” “This is just a perfect example of us citizens believing how the officers don’t do everything they can for the crime.”

The top cop agrees.

“I’ve lost confidence at this time in his ability to perform the duties necessary to protect the people of new Orleans and to protect fellow officers,” New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas said.

Officer Hankton has been placed on leave without pay.

An attorney for the veteran officer says because his client was hesitant to break up the fight between two women, he used his radio to call for back-up from female officers.

“I don’t believe there’s an excuse,” Briggs said. “That really decreases the faith you have in officers that are supposed to be here to defend and protect us.”

“All police officers are trained to break up fights,” Serpas explained. “Every police officer has a responsibility to stop police from hurting each other; that’s the bottom line.”

As for Ablioncia, she says because of the video she’s become a victim over and over again.

“It’s all on Facebook, Instagram; and my family upset because they really stood up there and let a man punch on me in my face,” Lindsey said.

Serpas says the fate of the officer will be determined at the conclusion of the investigation that’s being conducted by the Public Integrity Bureau.

We all know that Canal Street can get pretty rowdy at times, but it’s an officer’s job to keep things under control, right? This NOPD officer has been suspended after this video went viral on YouTube:

As you can see, officer Cortez Hankton hangs back as two women pummel each other and it isn’t until a man gets in on the fight that Officer Hankton steps in. But even then, it’s two female cops who end up breaking up the fight.