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The federal case against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

New_Orlean_Mayor_Ray_NaginA federal grand jury on Friday charged former Mayor Ray Nagin with 21 counts of public corruption, including bribery and fraud related to his dealings with city vendors following Hurricane Katrina.

Nagin was officially charged on February 20, 2013. He pleaded not guilty to all 21 counts.

His trial is scheduled to start April 29, 2013.

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Congress Holds Hearings On Response To Hurricanes Gustav And Ike

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - Ray Nagin officially filed an appeal Tuesday six days after a U.S. District Judge sentenced the former mayor to ten years in prison on 20 felony corruption counts.

Nagin’s attorneys are seeking a new trial. The move is not shocking.

After the trial rumors swirled that the prosecution may also take steps to appeal the sentence.  The ten year term that Judge Ginger Berrigan handed Nagin was several years below the recommendation.

He is set to report to prison September 8, 2014.

Here’s an excerpt from the Notice of Appeal.

NOW INTO COURT, through undersigned counsel comes the defendant, CLARENCE RAY NAGIN, (“defendant”), who hereby files this Notice of Appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit from the Final Judgment entered by the district court on July 9, 2014 , including but not limited to the court’s judgment on the jury’s verdict, sentencing, fine, assessment and forfeiture, as well as all other prejudgment interlocutory orders and rulings in this case.

Respectfully submitted this 15th day of July, 2014.


Ray NaginNEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan sentenced Ray Nagin to 10 years in prison Wednesday and ordered the former mayor to pay $84,264 in restitution.

Sentencing guidelines suggested Nagin would receive 15 to 20 years in prison.

Judge Berrigan recommended Nagin serve his time at a minimum security federal detention center in Oakdale, Louisiana, currently home to former Rep. William Jefferson, former Alabama GovernorDon Siegelman, and former Enron CEO Andrew Fastow.

In February, a jury found Nagin guilty of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes and other favors from businessmen looking for a break from his administration.

Of the 21 counts against him, he was convicted of 20.

“Today marks the end of a sad chapter for our city.  The people of New Orleans are turning the page and moving forward,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

Nagin served as the Mayor of New Orleans from 2002 to 2010.



nagin2-altNEW ORLEANS (WGNO) - A sentencing hearing for former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has been delayed.

Nagin who was convicted in February on 20 counts, including bribery and fraud has a new sentencing date of July 2.  He was initially set to be sentenced June 11 on his 58th birthday.

This week, a judge also ordered Nagin to forfeit more than $501,000 as a result of his conviction.

Nagin is expected to received anywhere between 12 to 20 years in prison.



Congress Holds Hearings On Response To Hurricanes Gustav And Ike

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin must forfeit $501,200.56 as part of his corruption conviction, according to an order issued Tuesday in U.S. District Court.

Read the full order HERE.

The amount is 6 cents more than federal prosecutors originally sought.

In February, a jury convicted Nagin on 20 counts of bribery and fraud stemming from his time as mayor.



Ray NaginNEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Seletha Nagin, the wife of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has filed for bankruptcy.

The filing comes just one day before Nagin’s house in Texas was scheduled for a foreclosure sale.

In February Nagin was convicted on public corruption charges. He owes more than $500,000 in restitution.

Court records indicate the Nagins primarily incurred consumer debts and owe creditors anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

Nagin is expected to be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison. His sentencing is set for June 11th.

C.P.A, businessman, mayor and now convicted felon.

A jury handed-up 20-guilty verdicts to Ray Nagin for public corruption.

The former New Orleans mayor left the United States courthouse amongst a media frenzy, defeated, “I maintain my innocence. I maintain my innocence,” he says.

Nagins wife wept in court when the verdict read guilty on 20 of 21 counts.

The only not guilty count was because the jury felt Nagin`s sons were at fault.

Federal Prosecutor Matt Coman had little to say after the decision, “Thoughtful deliberations. Thankful to the court. Besides that, we`re not going to have any other comment.”

Walking away from his federal corruption trial convicted, Nagin remained stoic, almost detached, ignoring a barrage of questions about bribes, money laundering and if he should have taken a plea deal.

Nagin is expected to get between 15 and 20 years in prison.

His  lead attorney Robert Jenkins says they will appeal.


Former Mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty on 20 of 21 counts.  Nagin was found not guilty on count 7 of bribery for accepting $10,000 cash payoff from Rodney Williams.

Reports: Legal analysts say this judge has been known to be lenient with sentencing but not on public corruption charges.  Verdict reached after jurors deliberated for a total of about 6 hours. Each count had to be unanimous.

Count 1: Conspiracy: Guilty

Count 2: Bribery: Guilty

Count 3: Bribery: Guilty

Count 4: Bribery: Guilty

Count 5: Bribery: Guilty

Count 6: Bribery: Guilty

Count 7: Bribery: Not Guilty

Count 8: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 9: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 10: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 11: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 12: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 13: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 14: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 15: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 16: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 17: Wire Fraud: Guilty

Count 18: Filing False Tax Returns: Guilty

Count 19: Filing False Tax Returns: Guilty

Count 20: Filing False Tax Returns: Guilty

Count 21: Filing False Tax Returns: Guilty

We’ll bring you the latest information as it becomes available.

Evidence of tax evasion, free living and lavish spending on the city`s credit card was all revealed Tuesday in the Ray Nagin corruption trial.

Nagin, his wife and the defense entourage walked away from the federal courthouse after testimony, with their backs against the wall.

More is now known about the former mayor’s post-Katrina dealings with Home Depot and the alleged bribes he took to expand the family granite business.

On the stand Home Depot’s government relations specialist was skeptical of the mayor’s business motivations, calling him in an internal email a “shakedown artist.”

Even though company analysts said the mayor’s family granite business, Stone Age, was a bad credit risk, Nagin and his sons were awarded more contracts anyway.

An employee overseeing installation testifies other venders had to go fix customer problems Stone Age was causing.

In the afternoon Rick Horton, the largest homebuilder in the country, says he allowed the Nagin family to stay at one of his properties after Katrina but had to shut-off the utilities just to get them to leave.

Financial records in court showed Nagin spent more than 73,000 on the city’s credit card for personal expenses and failed to disclose  $350,000 of unreported income in the form of bribes and free living expenses.

Ray Nagin`s federal corruption trial enters its second week in full swing.

Monday the former mayor’s wife and parents joined the defense entourage `s daily walk to court, “Same thing, we`re just going to be prepared and keep going forward,” says defense attorney Robert Jenkins.

Nagin was asked if his team won the super bowl, “My team didn`t get to the Super Bowl. Who dat!?”

Waiting inside Judge Ginger Berrigan’s chambers is an onslaught of witnesses who say Nagin took bribes while serving as mayor.

A total of eight federal witnesses poured over emails, phone records, invoices and alleged fake tax waivers, building a paper trail of hard evidence with testimony to back it up.

Former Deputy City Attorney Paul Ramoni testified Nagin waived property tax penalties for a movie theater project

He said in return Nagin got cash and a private jet ride.

Defense attorney Robert Jenkins argues his client waived certain fees to help rebuild the city faster following Katrina.

Several witnesses on Monday were never cross examined.