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Bodies found inside apartment on Edenborn in Metairie

CaptureJefferson Parish deputies are investigating the deaths of two people inside a Metairie apartment in the 2200 block of Edenborn.

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Jefferson Parish deputies announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder of a Metairie couple.

Melvin Miller of Baton Rouge was arrested, according to deputies, while driving one of the victim’s cars.  They also say Miller had a cell phone and computer belonging to one of the victims.

On February 14th, friends found Morris Williams and Akeem Boudreaux shot to death inside the Metairie apartment where they lived.

Williams was a 26-year-old transgendered woman who went by the name Milan Boudreaux.

Miller faces two counts of second degree murder.

Jefferson Parish investigators have classified the deaths of a Metairie couple as a double murder.

“She was a very good person and she didn’t deserve this at all,” said friend and transgendered female Johnny ‘Angel’ Brown.

Her Facebook page has been flooded with heart-felt condolences from people close to Milan Boudreaux.

milan_boudreauxThe 26-year transgendered female, born Morris Williams was found shot to death Thursday inside her Metairie apartment.

Friends and members of the LGBT Community who heard the tragedy flocked to the scene of the crime.

Everyone was saddened. Everyone was in disbelief.

“She was just like an angel, you know everyone is hurting,” ‘Angel’ Brown said.

Inside Jefferson Parish detectives also found the body of 22-year old Akeem Boudreaux.

Investigators say both had been shot in the head.

The duo has been described as ‘an ideal couple’ that stayed together six years until the bitter end.

‘Angel’ Brown spent time with them last; watching the super bowl half-time show.

Since then, friends tried repeatedly to reach the couple but were unsuccessful.

“And her phone was going to voice mail,” ‘Angel’ Brown said. “Then we tried to call her boyfriend’s phone and his phone was going to voice mail so we knew something was wrong.”

That’s when ‘Angel’ says she and a group of friends went to the apartment, forced their way in, and made the gruesome discovery.

Friends say Milan worked as a stylist, and sold hair.

Investigators say she also had a history of prostitution and other illicit side-hustles. Detectives have not yet determined a possible motive in the case.

As deputies search for the gunman in this now double homicide, friends are clinging to memories of ‘Mimi’ and her man during happier times.

“They were great, I wish I could have had a relationship like that,” ‘Angel’ Brown said.

Milan Boudreaux was said to have had a difficult relationship with her parents, who had not returned phone calls late Friday night.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, or Crimestoppers (504) 822-1111.

CaptureJefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand tells WGNO News that the investigation into the deaths of two people inside their Edenborn Avenue apartment is now classified as a double murder, not a murder-suicide.

Investigators say the couple’s dog, Sweetie, pictured above, was the only thing that survived the attack.

Jefferson Parish deputies are trying to find out why two men died inside a Metairie apartment.

Initially, the call came in as a murder/suicide.  But upon arriving at the scene Thursday afternoon, they were uncertain of the circumstances surrounding the deaths.

Friends at the scene said the two men were a couple.  They identified them as Milan and Bud Boudreaux.  Jefferson Parish deputies said the men’s names were Morris Williams, 26-years-old, and Akeem Boudreaux, 22.

According to deputies, one of the men’s friends became worried about the pair after she hadn’t heard from them in several days.  After arriving at the apartment complex in the 2200 block of Edenborn Avenue, the friend asked the apartment manager for help.  They were able to see inside the apartment and saw one body in a hallway.  The second man was found dead in the bedroom.

The men’s dog was alive inside the apartment and was taken to the animal shelter.

Friends told WGNO News that the two men had a good relationship free of any serious conflict.

The Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office said both men had been shot.