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New Orleans Police say the man caught violently fighting with his girlfriend has turned himself in.

Police say Elvin Terrell faces battery and kidnapping charges among others.

Surveillance cameras from a CBD hotel on Loyola Avenue captured Terrell allegedly knocked out his girlfriend, stuffing her in a car and taking off. Police say inside the couples room a six-year-old boy was left behind.

The boy had been placed in protective custody.

A strange and violent kidnapping caught on surveillance video!

This was in the lobby of a Loyola Avenue hotel in the Central Business District of New Orleans.

A man and woman start to argue and then he punches her and pushes her out the door, eventually shoving her in a car and driving off.

Detectives need help to identify the couple, or even the other woman who was outside of the hotel at the time.

In addition, a six-year-old boy was left in the couple’s hotel room. He’s now in protective custody.