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New Orleans police released new information Friday in the murder of an AmeriCorps worker earlier this year.

Police say the victim, Joseph Massenburg, was killed in a case of mistaken identity in an ongoing gang war.

Police say Massenburg was apparently mistaken for a member of the Hot Glocks gang by a member of the feuding Mid-City Killers gang.  Police say that was the motive for Massenburg’s murder in front of his home on Eagle Street.

Thursday night, police announced the arrest of 18-year-old Glen Emerson.  They say he is a member of the Mid-City Killers gang and drove the getaway car on the night of the attack.

Police also say they’re searching for at least one other person who was involved in the murder.

Thursday night, the NOPD announced the arrest of Glen Emerson for the murder of AmeriCorps worker Joseph Massenburg.

Massenberg was gunned down in April on Eagle Street.

18-year-old Emerson was taken into custody at an apartment in New Orleans East.

He faces one count of second degree murder.

Officers identified Emerson as a suspect several weeks ago.  They say they weren’t able to find and arrest him until they received an anonymous tip.

“We don’t know who they are.  We really want to thank them,” said NOPD Sergeant Nick Gernon.  “We want to thank anyone else who might be wiling to come forward in the future in this case.”

Police say Emerson drove the getaway car used in the attack.  The believe at least one more person was involved, and they’re hoping someone will come forward with a tip that leads them to him.

His smile; he was always very kind, willing to help,” says Sharon Massenburg.

His smile and attitude are memories Sharon Massenburg holds into dearly. Memories are all she and her husband Andre have left.

“It was our son April 1st, it’ll be someone else’s son tomorrow,” says Andre Massenburg.

Two months ago Joseph Massenburg was gunned down footsteps from his door near Eagle and Birch Streets. The 18-year-old from Chicago was in town volunteering for Americorps.

Tonight family, friends, coworkers, and law enforcement gather just blocks from where Joseph took his last breath. They came together to celebrate life and demand that the community step up.

“Obviously tonight to remember Joseph Massenburg, but we do want to remind the community that we still have an individual at large right now and he is wanted for second degree murder, that’s Glen Emerson. We urge Mr. Emerson to turn himself in,” says Sgt. Nick Gernon.

“As long as he’s out I’m sure somebody else’s son or daughter is in danger,” says Sharon Massenburg.

“Somebody knows something and we are asking the community to come forward,” says Andre Massenburg, “He’s the person that we want everyone to concentrate on because that’s who the police want to talk to. That’s who the arrest warrant is out for.”

Joseph MassenburgOn June 12, there will be a memorial service in honor of Joseph Massenburg.

It’ll be held at Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church at 7 p.m. It’s open to the public.

A fund has been set up to help cover the cost of that service and travel expenses for the family.

All proceeds will go toward the Joseph Massenburg Memorial Fund, and to help pay for memorial service costs and travel expenses for the family.

The memorial is organized by AmeriCorps Alums NOLA, Council Member Susan Guidry, Green Light New Orleans and other non-profit organizations and community members.

If you’d like to donate, call Andreas Hoffmann at Green Light New Orleans at 504-342-4966.

Friday New Orleans policed announced an arrest warrant for a suspect in the murder of 18-year-old Joseph Massenburg.

Massenburg was shot while talking on the phone in front of his home in the 1500 block of Eagle Street in April.

The NOPD wants to arrest 18-year-old Glen Emerson.  If you have information on Emerson’s location, call Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

Crimestoppers doubled the reward to $5,000 for information that leads to the killer of an AmeriCorps volunteer.

Joseph Massenburg graduated from high school in the Chicago area last spring and came to New Orleans to install energy efficient lighting.

He was walking near his home when he was shot and killed at the intersection of Birch and Eagle streets.

Superintendent Ronal Serpas says his department needs more help from the community to solve the case.

“If you saw something, if you know something, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, it could be the last thing we need to make the difference in this case.” said Serpas.

Officers are searching for a white SUV seen leaving the area around the time of the shooting.

A candlelit Vigil was held Sunday night for murdered AmeriCorps volunteer Joseph Massenburg. The Vigil was held hours after a second incident in the same neighborhood. (Alyson Titkemeyer)

Those outraged by violence in New Orleans and the killing of an AmeriCorps worker on Monday are joining together.

They’re holding a community march against violence.

The march will be held in the Carrollton neighborhood where Joseph Massenburg was murdered at the intersection of Eagle and Birch Streets.

People who attend are asked to bring their own candle.

Those interested should meet at the corner of Jeannette and Dublin Streets at 8:00 p.m. Sunday.