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Ahmad Sheppard murdered

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New Orleans Police say DNA evidence has helped to identify a suspect in the murder a popular Bourbon Street DJ.

Ahmad Sheppard’s body was found this summer inside a neighbor’s home in the Lower Garden District.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details about the man police are now calling one of two suspected gunmen.

“I’m very confident they will apprehend this guy they need to because that was just a senseless crime,” Sheppard’s friend Ray Dunn said.

It has been nearly three months since homicide detectives scoured the home in the 2000 block of Prytania Street.

It’s where 33-year old Ahmad Sheppard was found bound and gagged.

He’d been fatally shot in the head inside his neighbor’s apartment.

News of Sheppard’s death sent shock waves throughout the French Quarter, where he worked as a DJ.

The Three-Legged Dog was Sheppard’s favorite place to unwind and have drinks with friends.

“He was just a very sweet person who was always kind to everybody he met,” Sheppard’s friend Caddye Weesner said. “If you were bummed out he’d be nice to you; try to bring your spirits up.”

Word is spreading now through his circle of friends, that New Orleans Police have identified 25-year old Travis Cochran as one of two suspected gunmen.

“I’ve trolled Facebook and everybody’s like, they finally actually identified the guy now they just need to catch him,” Dunn said.

Investigators say NOPD Crime Lab technicians and State Police used DNA evidence to help identify Cochran.

Caddye Weesner doesn’t recognize the man police have fingered; but she hopes someone else does.

“That is definitely a face I’ll remember if I do see it,”  Weesner said.

“We’re all rooting for the police department to catch this guy, put him behind bars because that’s exactly where he needs to be,”  Dunn said.

Detectives are still working to identify the second suspect, who investigators say helped tie Sheppard up, before

pistol-whipping him and shooting him.

Anyone with information into Cochran’s whereabouts is asked to call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.

Family and friends gathered to remember Ahmad Sheppard, who was murdered six weeks ago. The popular DJ was brutally murdered in the Lower Garden District.

So far no arrests have been made in connection with Sheppard’s murder. His father says he’ll continue to stay on top of police until justice is served. He believes DNA evidence will eventually lead to his sons killer..

A member of the Bourbon Street night life community is being remembered.

Friends say 33-year old Ahmad Sheppard was helping a neighbor in trouble when he was shot to death.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to friends of the popular Bourbon Street Disc Jockey.

“I woke up to phone calls,” James Sims said. “Phone was ringing, everybody asking if I was okay.”

Turns out James Sims was okay; but his neighbor two buildings down was not.

shooting_victimHomicide detectives spent much of the day, Friday, piecing together events that led up to Ahmad Sheppard’s untimely death.

“I never dreamed this would happen to him because he was so laid back so mellow; called his momma every day, you know,” the victim’s landlord Joe Zara said. “That kind of guy.”

Friends of Ahmad Sheppard thumbed through pictures of their friend; recounting happier times.

“Clean cut guy, always wore like a suits and fedoras,” former co-worker Romallis Edwards said. “Always smoked cigars and stuff.”  “Just  a real cool laid back type of guy.”

Investigators say the 33-year old was found just before 1 a.m, next door to his apartment, located in the 2-thousand block of Prytania Street in the lower garden district.

Apparently there was a disturbance at his neighbor’s.

Investigators say the place was ransacked.

“Just the other day, I just talked to him,” Edwards said.

Romallis Edwards is a former co-worker and friend.

He says word of Sheppard’s death is spreading fast along Bourbon Street; where the Houston native worked at various strip clubs the past twelve years as a host, and, or disc jokey.

“Somebody next door was getting beat on or something like that and he went in to save them and somehow they got into an altercation and they shot him,” Edwards said.

“That’s unfortunate you know,” Sims said. “It’s scary.” “Somebody come looking out for their neighbor and end up losing their life over it, that’s no good.”

“I think he may have head some noise and came out to see what was going on and got caught up in it,” Zara said.

Joe Zara was Sheppard’s landlord the past 9-months.

He agrees with the Bourbon Street crowd. He says Ahmad Sheppard wound up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I will miss him dearly because he was such a good person,” Zara said. “He was the kind of guy you’d want as a friend.”

Late Friday there had been no arrest in the case.

Police are also looking for a 2008 jeep Cherokee that was stolen from the neighbor.

If you have information in the case, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.