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Aaron Broussard payroll fraud investigation

aaron broussard – guilty pleaAaron Broussard, his wife Karen Parker, and former parish attorney Tom Wilkinson are charged in a 33-count indictment.

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Aaron Broussard’s bull$&*t

Ex-Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard reports to a federal jail this Sunday for stealing from the citizens of the parish he was supposed to represent.

Broussard, in a couple of recent soft ball interviews, still doesn’t get it.  The lifelong politician, just this week, was questioning what former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s motivation was to come after him.  Uh, you committed a crime.  Or two.  Or three.  Or more.  We’ll never know and Broussard certainly isn’t telling.

Like Edwin Edwards, Broussard has a hard time wrapping his hands around his guilt.  Unlike Edwards, Broussard pleaded guilty and still claims to not quite understand that.  Kinda funny.

It wasn’t so funny when Broussard made the bone headed decision to turn the pumps off during Hurricane Katrina and flood Jefferson Parish.  It wasn’t so funny when Broussard had a mental breakdown for a national TV audience telling the fully fabricated, now infamous tale, of a woman drowning because no one would or could go save her.

And now the guilty plea, conviction, and nearly 4 year jail sentence Broussard faces.

The ex-parish prez can live in fantasy land all he wants, but that fantasy land is about to end this Sunday.

broussard-aaron-400×225U.S. District Judge Hayden Head on Wednesday agreed to a motion filed by Aaron Broussard to delay the date he is expected begin his prison sentence, from April 8 to May 6.

Broussard did not specify a reason for the request, but did mention that the Bureau of Prisons has not informed him which prison he will report to in order to complete his 46-month sentence.


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Aaron Broussard is gone (and that’s a good thing)

How can one be heading to jail and be happy about it?   If you’re Aaron Broussard, you’re probably pretty happy this week.

The convicted felon and ex-Jefferson Parish President went into his sentencing hearing expecting a minimum of 5+ years behind bars and maybe as many as 8.  He received less than 4.  Broussard’s good fortune continued when he requested the easier stay at Pensacola’s club fed, home of weekend crawfish boils, with no objection from the judge.

Broussard has been in Jefferson Parish politics for 40 years, but now is finally done.  And that’s a good thing for the citizens of Jefferson.  The problem with Broussard, even if he wasn’t a crook, is he’s just merely average, nothing special.  We need to strive to elect people that aren’t ordinary.   We need extraordinary.  We need special people that are civic minded and are willing to sacrifice for us.

Aaron Brousard was painfully average and nothing proved that more than his mental breakdown the week after Katrina, crying on television for all to see.  Problem was he was crying about a story – the drowning mother in St. Bernard – that  he made up, one that didn’t happen.

Aaron Brousard was weak even when he wasn’t breaking the law.  He got a break this week when he received a lighter sentence than even he expected.  And we all got a break by getting one of the worst crooks out of Jefferson parish politics.


Aaron Broussard sentenced to 46 months

His fall was swift. Just five months ago Aaron Broussard pleaded guilty to two corruption charges involving his then girlfriend and now ex-wife, Karen Parker – prosecutors say he gave her a high-paying job in Jefferson Parish for which she was not qualified – and also bribes he took from Jefferson Parish businessman William Mack.

As he strode into court, Broussard said he was ready to accept whatever sentence the judge handed down and thanked his supporters: “Thank you for your prayers and support. I feel those prayers and support at this moment.”

Broussard was also told he must pay $214,000 restitution to Jefferson Parish to cover the salary his girlfriend received while on Parish payroll and forfeit another $280,000. A payment plan of at least $500/month has been set up.

He will begin his sentence on April 8.

Read the Department of Justice release: Broussard, Aaron; Wilkinson, Thomas; Parker, Karen sent

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Aaron Broussard should be a comedian, after his jail sentence

Aaron Broussard might have a second career after he gets out of the federal slammer.  The ex-Jefferson Parish president, who has plead guilty to a number of crimes, went to war against former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and his office.

Broussard, originally known mostly as the guy who shut the pumps off during Katrina and flooded half his parish, is now known as just another corrupt politician that Letten’s office nailed to the wall.  But he now feels that maybe the prosecutors in Letten’s office didn’t play fair, depriving him of his rights by blogging on

Broussard has a shot, not at getting off but at a potential 2nd career after he gets out of the federal slammer as a stand up comedian.

Two simple questions need to be asked in this situation: did any blogging from Letten’s office influence anyone, any where, at any time? I seriously doubt it.

The 2nd question is, did any of the silly shenanigans in Letten’s office change any of the crimes Broussard has already plead guilty to?   How about the other 40 years in office, as a councilman, as Kenner mayor, as parish president.  You think Broussard did anything illegal then?   I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.

Broussard, a convicted felon on multiple counts, won’t change his guilty plea to not guilty.   He just want someone else to take the risk and set him free.  It’s not going to happen.  Getting off won’t be the next event for Aaron Broussard.   His sentencing will be.  Jail time is next and then maybe, the comedy circuit.

captureFormer Jefferson Parish President, Aaron Broussard pleaded guilty in Federal Court today on two charges in a corruption case.

63-year old Broussard said when he got into politics as a 23 year old he was a dragon slayer, and now at the age of 63 he described himself as a dragon.

By pleading guilty he gave up his right to a jury trial and will now have a judge sentence him.

Broussard faces up to a total of 15 years behind bars and could be charged with half a million dollars in fines for the two corruption charges.

A 27-count indictment charged both Broussard and former parish attorney, Tom Wilkinson on conspiracy charges, bribery, wire fraud, and theft.  Both Broussard and Wilkinson were charged with giving a lucrative parish job to Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker.  Prosecutors said Parker wasn’t qualified for the paralegal supervisor position and she was paid a salary of $323,000 over six years, while not even performing paralegal duties for Jefferson Parish.

U.S. Attorney, Jim Letten said this is ultimately a win for the taxpayers.

“We all work very hard to eliminate corruption and I think we are no longer seen as a haven for corruption.  We’re going to keep the pressure up,”  Letten said.

On Monday, Wilkinson pleaded guilty on conspiracy charges.

Broussard officially retired as a lawyer.  His attorney’s license was taken away.

A sentencing date is set for February 25th.

tim whitmerFormer Jefferson Parish chief administrative officer Tim Whitmer, a top aide to former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, has been charged with misprision of a felony (knowning about a crime, but not reporting it).

The bill of information for Whitmer indicates that he may testify against Broussard in an ongoing payroll fraud case.

Earlier this week, Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker, pleaded guilty. She was indicted, along with Broussard and former Jefferson Parish attorney Thomas Wilkinson on 33 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud and theft of federal funds. Parker is said to be a cooperating witness in the case.

Prosecutors say the three conspired to get Parker hired by other parish workers as a paralegal supervisor, even though she wasn’t qualified for the job.

karen-parkerThe federal case against former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard took a major turn Tuesday morning when Broussard’s ex-wife, Karen Parker, pleaded guilty to concealing a felony, or misprision – a major blow to Broussard’s payroll fraud case.

Broussard has dozens of charges pending – including wire fraud, conspiracy, and stealing federal funds – and prosecutors say he manipulated government payroll to increase Parker’s salary. Broussard maintains his innocence.

Last week Parker was served with a Bill of Information, which usually means that person will plead guilty and testify against the others involved in the case.

Parker appeared before Judge Hayden Head, who is visiting from Texas, because all the other federal court judges recused themselves because of their close ties with Broussard.

News with a Twist

2011 was an interesting year in New Orleans

capture2011 was an interesting year in New Orleans. As usual, a lot of stuff was going on.

Like the rising Mississippi river, that threatened our very exsistance, or our reform minded police chief that hired his buddies to run some high paying details.

Beloved former Archbishop Phillip Hannan passed away and was buried under St Louis Cathedral. The city’s murder rate continued to be the highest in the country. Arnie Fielkow, city council president, after years of civic duty in new Orleans, resigned and moved back to Chicago.

St. Augustine high school, after nearly 60 years, stopped paddling their students, one of the last schools in America to do so.   Ex-Jefferson Parish president Aaron Broussard, and his pals, were indicted.  Both the new Charity and VA hospitals broke ground and are under construction on a 67 acre tract near downtown.

Speaking of downtown, the Superdome, after 36 years got a new name: Mercedes-Benz. Tulane announced that after 36 years of playing in the dome, they’ll be heading back Uptown to play football in their very own $60 million on-campus stadium.  Drew Brees keeps making us proud while a Drew Brees type, Chris Paul, left us after 6 great seasons and is now playing hoops for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Orleans Parish public schools are getting rebuilt to the tune of $25 million dollars a month for the next 6 or 7 years.  The new, nearly $900 million, twin span bridges opened linking New Orleans east with Slidell.

As we fade into 2012, a week from next Tuesday, #1 LSU plays for college football’s national championship in downtown New Orleans.  And the Saints will be hosting at least one playoff contest and maybe more. The new look Hornets are the youngest team in the NBA and are presently undefeated.  And the Final 4 comes to town in April.

It was an interesting 2011 and 2012 already looks at least as interesting. Have a safe and happy New Year.