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It took jurors about two hours to convict two cousins, Bernell and Jamiron Pollard, of murdering two-year-old Jeremy Galmon in September of 2010.

Just like this week’s murder of one-year-old Londyn Samuels, Galmon was shot in Central City.

Witnesses testified that they saw the two cousins run up on a car and open fire.  The attack happened in broad daylight while a second-line parade was passing through the area.  There was a crowd of people and Galmon was inside of a car when he was hit by the stray gunfire.

According to police, some witnesses were able to identify the Pollard cousins from photo lineups.  But defense attorneys stressed that other witnesses were unable to pick out the pair.

A sentencing hearing for the Pollard cousins is set for October 11th.

John Raphael of New Hope Baptist ChurchA rally against violent crime in honor of two year old Jeremy Galmon will be held Saturday in Central City. At the helm: pastor and community leader John Raphael of New Hope Baptist Church.

Pastor John Raphael has been on the corner of La Salle and Washington Streets this week, letting people know about a rally against violent crime, as he holds up a giant photo of murdered toddler Jeremy Galmon. He wants the image of this child to be burned in the minds of people.

“I think if we just see his picture and think about him there’s nobody that can say that he was living a lifestyle that caused his death or doing anything to anyone else,” Raphael said.

Raphael says he hopes the Galmon’s death is an awakening to neighborhoods across New Orleans.

That’s why he’s putting out the word to bring people to A.L. Davis Park, to come and hear from Galmon’s family, offer them comfort and prayer, and hear from other families of murder victims.

He says it’s time people speak up about violence, like they did for this toddler, and he and other pastors are reaching out to grandmothers, rising up these matriarchs to also speak up, because young people might listen to them, like they used to.

“It’s our children who are losing their lives and our children who are taking lives and sometimes it’s the word from their grandmother that can keep a child from making a bad decision from going in the wrong direction, and we want to give them a platform,” Raphael said.

Raphael hopes this child’s death could be the impetus to a movement that people will continue to get involved; call police when they hear shots, and keep the momentum going.

The rally – called “Learning from the pain – will be held Saturday at 2:30pm at A.L Davis Park at the corner of La Salle and Washington.

jeremy galmon funeralIt was a funeral fit for the little boy whose murder captivated this city. Jeremy Galmon was shot and killed September 26th as he sat inside a parked car in Central City.

Today, he was laid to rest at the First Street United Methodist Church.

Mayor Landrieu and Chief Serpas stood with the family every step of the way, as the little white casket made it’s way through the streets. Serpas says today he hopes to send a message to everyone in New Orleans. “Look at the strength of these people here who came together and said no more and that’s what’s going to stop this, you know the two guys who were involved in this shooting are cowards. this community is always stronger and more powerful than they are and we just gotta work to get the community to come out here and show how powerful it is.”

Many of the people who came out today say they didn’t even know the Galmon family. They just felt compelled to come out and show their support. Genevieve Neustadter says, “I’m glad to see that the community is throwing their arms around the family and supporting them through this tragedy.”

And as the little white casket made it’s way back to the church, the family released white doves. They say it symbolizes Jeremy’s life, and the hope they have that the violence will stop.

jeremy galmon accessoriesIt’s mission accomplished for the NOPD. The second accused shooter in the death of a two-year-old is locked up, and some of his buddies have been taken down with him.

Warrants were served late Thursday night, and between 3 and 4AM Friday morning, 21-year-old Bernell Pollard was processed, booked and charged with first-degree murder.

U.S. Marshals and the NOPD plucked Pollard and three others they say were harboring him out of a Tullis drive apartment in Algiers. Bernell Pollard is said to be the second shooter in the stray-bullet death of little Jeremy Galmon Sunday in Central City.

Bernell’s cousin, Jamiron Pollard, is the other suspected-shooter and was put away Wednesday and charged with first-degree murder after his arrest.

Three others were also arrested with Bernell Pollard. Bruce Pollard, a cousin of Bernell and Jamiron, Derielle Bernard and Joshua Franklin. The three are charged with accessories after the fact to first-degree murder.

Fed-up citizens in the community who called Crimestoppers with tips for police have been getting credit all week long from New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

“This would not have happened had not this community risen up. Individuals come forward. It is an example of how swiftly we can move if eyewitnesses say what they know and say what they saw.”

Joyce Galmon – jeremy galmon’s motherJoyce Galmon is trying to hold it together. While she’s planning her grandson Jeremy Galmon’s funeral, she learns about the Friday morning arrest of Bernell pollard, cousin to Jamiron Pollard who was arrested Wednesday.

“I’m happy to know they apprehended the suspects. They worked fast on it. And I hope they prosecute them because the violence needs to stop,” Galmon said.

While the Galmon family is glad to hear both Pollard cousins have been arrested, they have something they’d like to say to them.

“What were you thinking about when you just started shooting? You didn’t think about was anyone in the car? Your surroundings? You just decide. What were you all thinking about?” Galmon said.

“I feel the dudes who did this, I feel, you should feel real bad about this because they open fire in a spot where you’re not supposed to open fire at. They should have thought about it to themselves?” said Jeremy’s uncle, Aaron Galmon.

Aaron Galmon, misses the child terribly.

“I’m so used to playing with him everyday, seeing him everyday. He was more like my son than my nephew,” he said.

The family has a tough week ahead and knows many in the community have been with them and for that they are grateful.

Reverend Bill Terry – names of New Orleans murder victims at St. Anna’s Episcopal

Reverend Bill Terry writes the names of New Orleans murder victims on the side of his church, St. Anna’s Episcopal

The New Orleans church community is heartbroken. 2 year old Jeremy Galmon is just one of many innocent lives lost to violence in the city. This week, some New Orleans religious leaders are making sure these victims are not forgotten.

The Reverend Bill Terry doesn’t look forward to this. For the past 4 years now, he writes the names of New Orleans murder victims on the side of his church, St. Anna’s Episcopal. Today, he writes an elderly woman’s name and a 2-year-old’s name.

“Everyone should grieve when an 88 year old woman is murdered. Everyone should grieve when a 2 year old is murdered but equally we’ve got to start pressing ourselves about: why did the 19 year-old end up dead? We’ve killed off a whole generation in 3 years here,” Terry said.

Terry hopes the names of murder victims on the wall is a powerful reminder to people about the value of life, and he hopes with the response to the death of those very old, or very young like Jeremy Galmon, perhaps more people will get involved.

“When I see the silent people become engaged, I think we will start to see fundamental change in the violence in our city,” Terry said.

And one pastor who’s been ministering to the Galmon family says he would like grandmothers in New Orleans to rise up and take a stance in their families.

“There was a time in the city of New Orleans when grandmothers spoke, everyone stopped and listened. And we need the collective voices I think, I believe of grandmothers, once again to raise their voices,” said the Reverend Willie Gable of Progressive Baptist Church in Central City.

Gable has been working with Jeremy Galmon’s grandmother, helping her cope with the grief.

Clementine Williams – jeremy galmon’s grandmotherThe family of 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon is glad to hear about the arrest but it’s little consolation as they continue to grieve a tremendous loss.

Clementine Williams takes a trip down memory lane. That’s all she has of her great grandson Jeremy, only slightly relieved police made headway in the murder case of the toddler.

“Feeling kind of relieved. At least they got somebody, ’cause really to pay for what they did to my great grandbaby,” Williams said.

New Orleans police and other city leaders announced two cousins as main suspects in the murder of Galmon.

Jamiron Pollard and Bernell Pollard are charged with first degree murder.

While police are keeping tight lipped about this case they are standing firm on the first degree murder charges.

And Superintendent Ronal Serpas says these cousins have long rap sheets. He says repeat violent offenders need to be behind bars.

“In this case these two people have callously and cowardly taken the life of a two year old child,” Serpas said.

This leaves Clementine Williams barely able to function these days.

“We are hurting very, very much. I can’t sleep. I can barely eat,” Williams said, “I got this knot in my heart and it’s just not going to go away.”

She just wants to hold little Jeremy again.

“He’s always going to be here with me. I want to feel his body heat to me, like he used to do,” Williams said.

So she has a message for the Pollard cousins.

“Before y’all pulled that trigger y’all should have thought there’s too many people out here. You know what I’m sayin’? And look at the tragedy it got.” Williams said.

28-year-old Jamiron Pollard & 21-year-old Bernell Pollard – jeremy galmon killers

28-year-old Jamiron Pollard & 21-year-old Bernell Pollard

1:45PM Update: NOPD tells ABC26 that Jamiron Pollard (pictured, at left), one of the suspects accused of shooting 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon, has been arrested. As of 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, Bernell Pollard (at right) is still at large.

ABC26 News reporter Sheldon Fox is at NOPD Headquarters and will have details on ABC26 News at 5, 6 & 6:30.

New Orleans Police have identified two men, Bernell Pollard, 21, and Jamiron Pollard, 28, believed to be responsible for the shooting death of 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon in Central City on Sunday.

NOPD investigators believe Bernell and his cousin Jamiron were inside a car when one of them fired a gun at a passing car. One of the bullets struck 2-year-old Jeremy Galmon, who was inside a nearby parked vehicle. Police chased the Pollards, but lost the vehicle during the pursuit.

When they are caught, Bernell and Jamiron will both be charged with first degree murder.

2-year-old Ja’Shaun Powell killedThe violent death of a 2 year old is painfully familiar for one New Orleans family who faced a similar tragedy last year in Central City. They want to reach out to the family of Jeremy Galmon.

Shirl Solomon reads the paper and just stares in disbelief at another grandmother who will be burying a two year old grandson, another innocent victim of violence.

“It’s so hurtful and so painful when you have a poor baby that has no chance that hasn’t done anyone any wrong, hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone, or anything and there life is just viciously taken like this. It’s just not fair to them,” said Solomon.

Galmon was killed by a bullet in Central City Sunday as he sat in his grandmother’s car. Police are still hunting for the child’s killer or killers.

In early January of last year, 2-year-old Ja’Shaun Powell was murdered. The main suspect: his father Danny Platt, who admitted to the crime, over child support.

While Shirl Solomon still grasps for closure over the death of her grandson Ja’Shaun, she really wants to reach out to Jeremy’s grandmother and other family members.

“My heart really goes out to this family. I know what they’re going to go through, because I’ve walked in their shoes. It’s not just me saying I’m sorry about what happened or I sympathize with you. I’m walking in their shoes. So I know some of the issues and battles they’re going to face,” Solomon said.

Solomon has one strong suggestion for this family that she says they’re going to need now more than ever.

“Pray real hard. Ask God for the strength and the guidance to get you through what your going to have to get through and stick together and be there for each other,” Solomon said.

One thing that helps her cope is the tribute to her grandson she has placed on her car, with his picture showing him smiling the way she wants to remember him.

Shirl Solomon and other relatives have since moved to Texas, but were visiting New Orleans this week.

They hope to be a support to Jeremy Galmon’s family as they work to cope with this loss.