Vanessa Bolano

Vanessa Bolano


I am a Cuban-American New Orleans transplant originally from Miami where I grew up speaking both English & Spanish. I joined the WGNO News Team in 2009 and have been getting to know the city ever since. I moved here from North Texas where I worked as a reporter and anchor for the NBC affiliate, KTEN. I started my career in my hometown working three jobs: as the host of an environmental program for “City of Miami TV,” the co-host of a sports podcast, and an associate producer at the CBS station, WFOR. Before entering the working world I attended Boston College where earned a Bachelor’s Degree, and as if that were not enough I went on to get a Master’s Degree from the University of Miami.

Today I am a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalist and live Uptown with my husband and our two turtles.

Vanessa’s e-mail:

When friends and family come to visit New Orleans the first place I take them … is for a ride down St. Charles Avenue. I love to show off the lush oak trees, and breathtaking architecture.

On most Friday and Saturday nights you’ll find me … at a loud restaurant Uptown or at a low key bar.

I’m known around the newsroom for … constantly bragging about my niece and nephew who live in Houston. I think half the newsroom has Skyped with them!

My greatest TV moment was … my first live shot. I was at a rodeo and remember thinking my pounding heart would probably be heard on air.

 A moment I’d like to forget … brings me to Oklahoma. I was standing inside a family’s bathroom waiting for our 5pm live shot as sewage continued spewing from the sink, tub, and toilette. They were tenants in one of several apartments and every units waste was exiting inside their bathroom.

The most important lesson I’ve learned through my work as a journalist is … you either meet people on the best day of their life or the worst day of their life. It’s important to be able to adapt to both situations quickly. This job has made me a stronger person with thicker skin, but it has not made me immune. I often times find myself struggling to hold back tears as I interview a mourning mother, praying for a family or individual that I met earlier, or feeding off the energy released by others who conquer what seems impossible.

I give back to my community … through my story telling. I try to tell stories that inspire change, fuel hope, and allow people to discover a hidden gem nearby.

If I had time I’d like to … travel more. I could spend months at a time hoping from one beach to the other!

My best date was … my first date with my husband. We had just met hours before on a shoot. It was totally unexpected! I was excited to go out with this man, but unsure of his intentions so I had a friend on stand-by. She knew our every move and was ready to pick me up if anything went wrong. Lucky for my husband I never had to make that call!

My worst date was … worse for my date than it was for me. I wasn’t too excited about him, but he was very nice and my mother insisted. Well, eventually the night led us to a club filled with my friends. When he couldn’t get in I left him at the door. (I hope he doesn’t read this!)

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