Richard Sprinkle

Richard Sprinkle


RichRichard Sprinkle is a producer with WGNO and WNOL.  Having lived all over the country and toured the world, he finally landed in New Orleans.  Richard says that it’s the one place that his my secret to life.  “You can’t take yourself too seriously!”  Richard writes, shoots, directs and edits promotional pieces for our stations.  Richard says that this is by far the most fun thing that he gets to do.  He says that he is fortunate to work with such a talented team because everyone has a chance to learn from each other.  He also tries to keep up with fun posts online that our site’s visitors might like to see.  You may have seen some silly videos posted by Richard Wgno on our Facebook page.  “Hopefully they made you laugh, or at least smile.  If not, LIGHTEN UP ALREADY!”

Richard is also a freelancer within the local film and video industry.  He’s edited two independent feature films and been Director of Photography, Assistant Editor or Camera Operator on a few others.  Check out his IMDB page.  Richard says  “In television you have to think on your toes.  Things are always changing so it’s easy to stay busy.”

If I had the time?  I’d love to spend more time reading.  My work requires me to use my imagination when thinking up new promos and commercials and I’ve always found reading to be a great exercise for the mind.

My greatest TV moment was?   The first time I got to cast my nieces and nephews in a station image campaign.  They always knew that their uncle had a cool job, but seeing themselves on TV blew them away!

The most important thing that I’ve learned in my TV and film career is?   That you never know where the next cool story will come from. Keep your eyes open, or you might miss something!

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