Molly Rosenblatt

Molly Rosenblatt


I’m a Meteorologist and a Reporter here at WGNO.  I’m a lover of great stories, the weather, all things environmentally friendly, and animals.  My best friend in the world is my seven-year old Chihuahua Lulabelle (although I have many names for her) who I found on a farm in Western Montana while living there during my first job in television.

I live Uptown and when I first arrived in New Orleans, it was love at first sight.

When friends come to visit, the first place I take them is … usually The Delachaise because it’s awesome, only a few blocks away from where I live, and the bartenders are not only excellent at what they do, but they’re really friendly as well.

On Friday or Saturday nights you’ll find me … having a glass or two of wine with friends on my (or someone else’s) porch.

I’m known around the newsroom for … lacking a filter and sharing a little too much information with my friends/coworkers. You’ll also find me tripping over my own feet frequently, spilling things on myself or running into something.  I’m a total klutz.

My greatest TV moment was … being one of the first journalists to report on the Deep Water Horizon explosion.  One of my favorite moments was a live shot I did holding two Bengal White Tiger cubs.

The most important lesson I’ve learned through my work as a journalist is … figuring out what really matters in life.  It’s amazing how fulfilling it can be to bring attention to someone’s story/cause that might otherwise be ignored, especially when people need your help. Ordinary people have some really extraordinary stories.

I give back to my community by … supporting progressive, environmentally friendly causes.

If I had the time, I’d like to … take a year to travel and document eco-friendly causes around the World.

My favorite Saint is … Jimmy Graham.  No words.

My best date was … when I lived in West Texas I was flown via private jet to Santa Fe for dinner at Geronimo and a performance at the Santa Fe Opera House. The relationship didn’t work out, but hey, that was a fantastic date.

My worst date was … I agreed to go rock climbing in a canyon in Wyoming with a guy I had just met.  I had all the gear but was still pretty much an amateur.  Even before I left my apartment I was feeling a bit queasy. So we’re out at the top of this canyon and he anchored me in only one place (three is standard, so you have two backups). I was completely horrified, but he insisted it would be okay and regrettably, I rappelled down, terrified (stupid decision). The climb was way too difficult for me and I thought I was going to die the entire time.  On the way back into town I had to have him pull the car over so I could throw up.  What a disaster.

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