Jocelyn Lockwood

Jocelyn Lockwood


JocelynBioPicAs an anchor at WGNO, I co-host our two-hour long morning show, Good Morning New Orleans, and WGNO News at 11am.  I’m not only passionate about breaking news and continuing coverage of events that impact our community, but also politics, social issues and anything that may affect your daily life. Each morning you can connect with me on Facebook and Twitter.

Jocelyn’s e-mail:

Here’s a little bit more about who I am:

I’m known around the newsroom for … sadly, I’d say I’m known for how much and what I eat! I’m ALWAYS snacking, talking about my fast-food binge or dreaming of trying that new restaurant in town. I can talk food (and politics) with the best of ‘em!

A TV moment I would like to forget is … being live on air for two and half hours each day gives me ample opportunity to make a few mistakes, but honestly I laugh right along with you at home!  But, if I could rewind the tape twice it would be on a live beignet eating contest (can we say.. powdered sugar inhalation?) and when I momentarily lost my wits and broke into a dance and sang the Ying Yang Twins’ song ‘Halftime’ while covering the Saints Super bowl win in Miami.

I give back to my community by … trying to help and inspire others.  I’ve taken in part in several of the Mayor’s ‘Fight the Blight’ action days where I met some wonderful community leaders.  I also love supporting the Special Olympic when I can.  Honestly, though, the true key to being a productive part of a community is simply showing up.  Any afternoon or weekend, I try to hit as many festivals and events as I can! It’s always wonderful to see what this city has to offer.

The most important lessons I’ve learned as a journalist are … First, I’ve learned that EACH story we tell matters; no matter how big or small.  Each paragraph, sentence and word we say has the chance to impact, change or influence someone.  I think that’s an idea lost to many these days.  Second, I’ve developed a great sense of who I am.  Opening myself up to compliments and criticisms means I’ve learned to really stand by what I say and do.  I’ve learned to truly listen to others with an open ear and mind.

If I had the time I’d like to … volunteer, explore and read more!

On Friday/Saturday nights you’ll find me … usually with close friends, but if I’m not, I’m on the couch with popcorn and a good movie.  I’m not one for loud bars or big parties – I’d rather spend time with good friends at a great little restaurant, or ditch the makeup and crawl into my sweats and t-shirt to curl up with my husband and pup, Lucy.

We’ll miss you, Jocelyn!
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