Jeff Womack

Jeff Womack


jeff_womackMy first TV appearance was a Christmas Special at age three at the local news station where my mom and dad worked in Spokane, Washington. The house where it was shot was a lot fancier than our real home and I still remember all the cables strung.  My first toy was a live truck, complete with station logos.

I grew up in Montana around my uncle’s farm, which gave me an early appreciation of how the weather can make you or break you. My kindergarten teacher told me the weatherman walked to the top of the highest building downtown and looks out the window. I remember thinking, “there has to be more to it than that.”

Later, I moved to Atlanta where both my mom and dad worked for CNN.  Back then I had more of an interest in the food court than covering news. One time during a taping on the weekend one of the technicians let me run the audio mixer.  He told me to hit the red button to “fade up the pot” when the director said, “Mic cue.”

While I was supposed doing my homework, I decided it would be more fun to build a miniature TV set out of popsicle sticks for my own TV show: “Late Night with Jeff Womack.” My classmates voted unanimously to cancel the show after one season, but I still have the set.

TV is in my blood, but radio is my first love. After my football coaches informed me I was not NFL-bound I got into radio, hosting a morning show while still in high school.  In radio, if you needed something to fill you could always talk about the weather.

Later, the TV bug bit me again. I’ve been in the family business ever since.

Through my professional career, I’ve tracked weather in Billings, Spokane, and, most recently, Colorado Springs. So I’m ready to track the tropics, as opposed to shivering and shoveling. Plus, I’m happy to be back down south.

Even though I was in another part of the country, I will never forget how Katrina changed the way we view weather. I would have to say it was Gustav which got me hooked on hurricanes.

My Bachelor of Science degree in communications is from Montana State Billings. I’m also a graduate from Mississippi State’s Broadcast Meteorology program.

When friends come to visit New Orleans, the first place I take them is … the French Quarter.

On Friday or Saturday nights you’ll find me … at a country concert,  the movies, or on the back porch with cold one, trying to solve the world’s problems.

I’m known around the newsroom for … chewing straws and losing things.

My greatest TV moment was … I have been lucky enough to interview and meet many of my broadcast heroes, but I think any time I guide people through severe weather it’s a great moment.

A TV moment I’d like to forget is … my first live shot. I looked everywhere but at the camera.  I looked like a puppet.

The most important lesson I’ve learned through my work as a journalist is … be factually correct and be a good story teller.  Be the viewer.

I give back to my community by … being involved in charities like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, St. Jude’s Research Center, and Wounded Warriors. I can’t say no when I’m asked to MC an event!

If I had the time I’d like to … restore old trucks, and tractors (and sleep and read more!).

My favorite Saint is … Garrett Hartley. I actually got to meet him. Super nice guy!

My favorite Pelican is … Jason Smith (he’s a Colorado Boy).

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