Darian Trotter

Darian Trotter


darian1Helllllloooooo loyal news viewers, and anyone else taking time to stop by. I’m WGNO’s 10pm News Reporter & Anchor Fill-in, Darian Trotter.

I joined the WGNO News Team in June, 2010. I’ve previously worked in several thriving news markets; including Chicago, Detroit, and my hometown Nashville.

New Orleans has been a great fit for me both personally and professionally. At work, the city offers no shortage of news. The stories I’ve covered many times have local, national, and in some cases international appeal.

Outside of work, New Orleans is rich in culture, arts, and entertainment. Furthermore, the food is absolutely amazing.

As a favorite pastime, I take pride in my year-long effort of staying fit. But I admit, New Orleans cuisine has sparked renewed commitment. It’s quite the balancing act to enjoy the food and stay fit.  My workouts help take the edge off of an active night of field reporting. I like to end my shift with late-evening workouts. They help me relax and unwind.

On Friday nights, you might run into me at one of several local movie theaters. I like to call it “date night.” It’s when I take myself out, and enjoy the latest box-office release with a tub of buttery popcorn. Ahhhhh…. And YES, I prefer to go it alone on “date night.” I’ve found it’s easier than wrangling up my group of friends and haggling over which movie to see. I enjoy movies because they offer a glimpse into worlds that, for me, may otherwise be unknown. I specifically try to choose movies from genres that I’m not immediately drawn. I enjoy story lines, scripts, action and all the drama that makes for a great movie experience. I pay attention to cinematography, lighting, and soundtracks. From that you should gather I love the creative aspect of film and television.

During the rest of the weekend, you’ll catch me taking advantage of the city’s variety of boutiques and specialty shops. I enjoy the French Quarter and all of the interesting “characters” out on any given day or night. Always a fun time. The city has so much to offer, I seem to spend many weekends entertaining friends who are drawn here from out of state. Demand at hotel Trotter is so high, I’m often booked weeks in advance. Especially for big events like Essence Music Festival and Mardi Gras. Next year we can add Super Bowl!!

On a more serious note, it’s no secret that New Orleans has its challenges. Rebirth and renewal continue to be at the forefront of the city’s priorities. As well as efforts to reduce crime and violence. As a television news journalist, I’m lucky to have the responsibility to in some way shape and disseminate information necessary for families to make important decisions about their lives.

I feel it’s my duty to mentor young people, especially aspiring journalists. I’m brutally honest with them. Let’s face it, I can’t pretend to know the best way to approach every aspect of this subjective and competitive field. But I can certainly pass along the life lessons, the highs, and the lows from my 15-year journey in the broadcast field. Not many people can say it, but I can…. I love my job! I can’t imagine working in another field.

Well, that’s it for now … I’ve got to get back to work. Thanks again for dropping by. If you are local or have family and friends in the viewing area, I welcome your story ideas. I am always searching for untold stories from the community; and I’ve love to hear from you. Drop me a line, darian@wgno.com, or give a call or text (615) 944-4488.

For now, take care… and thanks for watching.

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