Anne Cutler

Anne Cutler


anne cutlerAnne Cutler here… morning anchor extraordinaire!  If you watch our shows on WGNO, you may have seen me zooming by at 175 mph on a motorcycle, trudging through knee deep waters in flooded homes and interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, but here are some things you may not know…

I’m from California by birth, but New Orleans is the place I call home.  How can you NOT be sucked in by all of our delicious foods, beautiful homes and festival upon festival upon festival!?  Before moving down to the Crescent City, I worked in Casper, Wyoming and Reno, Nevada.  Yep, New Orleans was a big change from the Old West!  My husband Joe is a proud U.S. Marine and we have two furry children, our beagles Bruin and Royce.

Living in New Orleans, I have plenty of house guests and when friends come to visit, the first place I take them is to ACME Oyster House.  They get a hefty dose of butter, oysters and the French Quarter, so we don’t have to go back the rest of the trip!

On Friday nights, you’ll find me enjoying a dinner out with my husband, Joe.  Who wants to cook on Fridays!?  We love exploring different neighborhood restaurants and cuisines.

I’m known around the newsroom for being peppy… to a fault.  Just ask Hank Allen how excited I am when I roll in for the morning show at 3:00 am!

It’s tough to decide my favorite TV moment.  I recall reporting from the firelines in Reno with entire neighborhoods burning behind me, covering the sudden death of a U.S. Senator in Wyoming while fighting back tears on air and fulfilling a childhood dream of meeting a sloth at the Audubon Zoo.  That’s what I love about my job.  Every day is a new adventure!

A TV moment I’d like to forget is extending our midday show and going wall-to-wall with live coverage of balloon boy, only to find out the entire thing was a hoax.  Gee gad.

The most important lesson I’ve learned as a journalist is to be conscientious of my impact.  The stories I do can be far-reaching and have the ability to dramatically affect lives.  With each story I tell, I think about who it may affect.

Giving back to my community is a passion of mine and I utilize my talents as a public speaker to do so.  You’ll often find me emceeing charity events and helping to raise money for worthy causes.

If I had the time… I’d finish renovating my 130 year old house!

My team alliances are spread thin.  Coming from California, I’ve grown to love my alma mater UCLA, as well as the Sacramento Kings, San Francisco Giants and 49ers, but down in these parts, I can’t help but cheer on Drew Brees or Anthony Davis (as long as they’re not playing my teams)!  There’s nothing better than dancing to “Get Crunk” after a touchdown in the Dome!

Geez…I haven’t “dated” in a long time, but my best date would probably be at the tiny Italian restaurant my husband and I found in of all places, rural Costa Rica.  We were the only folks in the place and the Italian-born owner showered us with course after course of his authentic cuisine.  It was so intimate and romantic!

As for my worst date…hmmm…probably when I went to a San Francisco Giants game with the flu and had to leave my date to go throw up in the bathroom.  YIKES!

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