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I am a "Preditor" that stands for Producer/Editor here at WGNO. I do natural sound stories and write for Susy and LBJ. I find the best stories are those that entertain and educate, I'm looking to make life more visible. I've been working in the industry for four years, before working in broadcast journalism I worked on film sets. I'm the 3rd place recipient of the 2014 New Orleans Press Club Award for Photo Essay. I attended the week long NPPA News Video Workshop in 2013.

Alyson's e-mail: alyson@wgno.com

On Friday and Saturday nights you can find me … covered in chalk pretending to be a pool shark at the bar.

I'm known around the newsroom for… Getting Stuff Done!

My greatest TV moment was … nearly falling out of a hot air balloon while I was filming its landing. You literally see the camera fly forward with me attached. BEST SHOOT EVER. Or shooting the ULL Ragin' Cajuns' winning New Orleans bowl. The stands were on fire! As the players carried the trophy around, bumping into us photographers, the trophy broke but they didn't care because it was theirs!

Favorite interviews … Alison Bechdel, Buddy Roemer, and George Jones.

I want to interview … Edward Albee, Robyn Hitchcock, Big Freedia.

A TV moment I'd like to forget … while covering Tropical storm Lee I managed to get my news vehicle stuck in the mud, then drive it into a ditch full of water. I had to get out knee deep in water and push the car. Actually, I had a great time.

An important lesson I've learned … Everyone has a story!

I give back to my community by … being an out lesbian.

If I had the time I'd Like to … learn how to become a really good ballroom dancer. My grandparents went to cruises just to dance and had stacks of awards. They started teaching me when I was young, but now my dancing has a more flailing-around-like quality.

My favorite Saint is … Steve Gleason, easy. He's inspiring, charming and doing really great things with the Saints franchise. NO WHITE FLAGS.

My worst date went like this … I went to the College of Santa Fe and wanted to impress this athletic/hippy senior. I was a sophomore. She asked me if I liked hot yoga and I said, "Of course!" (having never taken yoga before in my life). I figured how hard could it be? We stepped in from the snowy weather outside to this hot room. Within minutes I felt ill, like really ill, but I wanted to tough it out. Instead I ended up barfing all over the guy's yoga mat in front of me. I did however, go back the next day just to prove I could do it, and finished the yoga session by myself … without the barf.

Recent Articles
  • Large mural depicts 300 years of history

    large mural is almost complete outside Cashio's Food Villa in Destrehan. The mural depicts 300 years of St. Charles Parish history. The 70-foot long depiction of history was created by Hans Geist a Louisiana local.

  • Pothole of the Day: Six potholes is a problem

    Today's pothole of the day is at Birch and Monroe. The neighbors don't like the big pothole, the other five are just icing on the cake!

  • Meet the Freshman Quarterback at Riverside Academy

    He’s only fourteen years old but you wouldn’t guess from looking at him! He’s the new freshman Quarterback for Riverside Academy. His name is Jordan Loving, we interviewed him and his teammates on what it’s like to take what many consider to be a leadership position so soon.    

  • Hope keeps this man’s plan to rebuild the Lower 9th Ward alive

    Burnell Cotlon started with a barbershop and from there opened a candy shop, but his latest plan is to open the first grocery store the 9th Ward.

  • Spelling Bee: These Kids Will Make You Smile

    Spelling Bee: These Kids Will Make You Smile

      Arthur Ashe Elementary had it’s first spelling Bee thanks to Americorp Volunteer Violet Obioha. The kids were so excited, and pumped about spelling. It’s hard having your first spelling bee but these kids triumphed in the face of the challenge.

  • cajun love

    This is What Happens When Two Cajun Lovebirds Move to the City

    HARVEY, La. (WGNO) - The story of the Steele family’s urban swamp is not your typical fairy tale, but it is a Cajun love story. Lacary and Julie Steele now live in Harvey but this wasn’t always the case. Julie Steele is from Chauvin, Louisiana. In fact she regales her husband with stories of her “pet” alligator named, Coutille. Lacary describes himself as a transplanted “Mississippi stumpjumper.” Julie missed her swamp upbringing and well, Lacary had a solution. The pair […]

  • Pothole of The Day: Stick a plant in it!

    Pothole of the Day: Congress and Dauphine. It’s annoying, it’s slicing tires, it now has a potted plant in it. Today’s pothole is at Congress and Dauphine.

  • Dr. Rachel Explains Glaucoma

    Dr. Rachel Explains Glaucoma

    Have you ever wondered why, when you are at your eye doctor, they blow that puff of air on your eye ball? It's a test for glaucoma. And here's why it's important.

  • NOLA Project: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    NOLA Project is entering it’s 10th season with “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  The play based off of the book is about the inhabitants of  a mental institution and how they struggle with claiming their individuality. The actor who plays Ms. Ratchet is actually a social worker who helped the actors find their character.  The play is at NOCCA’s black box theater, If you’re interested in buying tickets to see the play you can buy tickets on the NOLA […]