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Molly Kimball, RD, CSSD is a Sports and Lifestyle Dietitian, Board Certified as a Specialist in Sports Dietetics by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is WGNO’s nutrition and fitness expert, with weekly segments on Good Morning New Orleans, Get the Skinny with Molly.

She is also columnist for The Times-Picayune|, covering the latest trends in the nutrition and the fitness industry.

Molly manages the nutrition program at Ochsner’s Elmwood Fitness Center in New Orleans, advising clients in reducing body fat, building lean muscle, endurance training, disordered eating, and general health and wellness.

She has developed Eat Fit NOLA, a free partnership between Ochsner Health System and more than 50 local restaurants to develop & identify healthy menu items, and collaborates with local chefs in preparing and presenting fun, upbeat, and nutritious cooking classes.

As a Sports Dietitian, Molly has worked with hundreds of athletes, both amateur and professional, including players in the NFL, MLB, and NBA, as well as soccer players and professional boxers.

Serving as a spokesperson at various events targeting the New Orleans community, Molly is featured regularly as a nutritional expert on local and national news stories. She has been featured in national media outlets including Vogue, The New York Times, Newsweek, Shape, Health, Fitness, Runner’s World, Wine Enthusiast, Cosmopolitan, WebMD and

Recent Articles
  • Get the Skinny: Hogs for the Cause | Eat Fit Boudin Cones

    Chef Juan Carlos of SoBou and his team “Pig Latin” are featuring Eat Fit Boudin Cones for this year’s Hogs for the Cause, a two-day event with tons of music & great food, with the mission of helping families who are fighting pediatric brain cancer.

  • Love it, Like it, Hate it: GREEN JUICE

    St. Pat’s Day is Saturday so we’re talking all things green! There’s a steady flow of new green food and drink on shelves, which seems like a good thing – after all, it’s an easy way to get our veggies, right? But ingredients can vary widely, and there’s no way to know by color alone if a green drink is actually as good as it seems. And since some green drinks can pack in the equivalent of more than 15 spoonfuls of sugar, it pays to know what you’re really getting. In today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it, we’re getting the Skinny with Molly on the best and worst bets when it comes to store-bought green drinks!

  • Get the Skinny in the Kitchen | 2018 New Orleans Home & Garden Show

    Chef Kenneth is one of 3 Celebrity Judges for the Jr. Chef Cooking Challenge at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show this Friday March 9, from 4-7pm at the Superdome. The Eat Fit team has a full schedule of Eat Fit NOLA partners & local chefs in the cooking demo lineup for Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show’s Outdoor Cooking Experience, featuring exclusively Ochsner Eat Fit NOLA-approved dishes.

  • Love it, Like it, Hate it: Meatless Burgers for Lent

    For many, Lent means more meat-free meals. And while veggie burgers and other meatless burgers are a popular alternative, they’re often much higher in carbs & sodium than a regular burger; some with minimal protein. In today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it, we’re Getting the Skinny on the top meat-free picks – and worst veggie burger bets - to guide you through the Lenten season and beyond!

  • Love it, Like it, Hate it: Keto Snacks!

    The keto diet is everywhere these days – which is not a bad thing, especially since it has people keeping a close eye on carbs and sugar. One of the biggest challenges, however, is finding keto-friendly snacks, especially those that are tasty, portable, and good for us! To help bridge the gap between meals on a keto diet, we’ve got Molly’s top picks + worst bets when it comes to keto-friendly snacks. Find out more about the do’s and don’ts of going Keto from Molly’s New Year segment on all things Keto.

  • Get the Skinny in the Kitchen | Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter Keto Bombs by Swerve

    The keto diet is everywhere these days – which can be a good thing, since it has people keeping a close eye on carbs and sugar. And to help fill the void for keto-friendly snacks – and satisfy even the strongest sweet tooth – Ben McLauchlin of Swerve shows us how to whip up these rich, decadent “Keto Bombs” in a flash!

  • Love it, Like it, Hate it: Cookie Dough!

    It’s no secret that cookies are loaded with sugar and white carbs, but cookie DOUGH can be the real disaster, sneaking spoonful after spoonful while we bake! But there are a few better-for-you options, so today we’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on the best and worst pre-made cookie dough available!

  • Get the Skinny in the Kitchen: Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies | Gluten Free, Low Carb

    The secret ingredient is white beans, but you’d never know it. Sweetened with Swerve and a dash of honey – or maple syrup to make them vegan – each cookie has just 100 calories, minimal sugar, and the added bonus of 4 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein. Plus, they’re oh-so-easy to make!

  • Get the Skinny: #AlcoholFreeFor40 Challenge + Seed’s Avocado Cilantro Mockgarita!

    Ash Wednesday marks the start of Lent, and whether we’re Catholic or not, many of us give up something for Lent – and that “something” is often alcohol. So here’s the #AlcoholFreeFor40 Challenge: Use this time for a self-experiment to see what’s really happening inside of your body during this detox. And make it easier than ever to stick with your #AlcoholFreeFor40 resolution with Seed’s Avocado Cilantro Mockgarita!

  • Love It, Like It, Hate It: Valentine’s Chocolates!

    Valentine’s Day is today, but some of us may still be picking up a last minute treat for our Valentine’s sweetie. And – spoiler alert – a typical heart-shaped box of chocolates packs in nearly 1,000 calories and more than 120 grams of sugar! So if you’re looking for something that heart-shaped sweet that’s also GOOD for your sweetie (or at least not terrible!), you’ll want to tune in to today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it as we Get the Skinny with Molly on her top picks for Valentine’s sweets.

  • Get the Skinny: Sneaky + Not-So-Sneaky Sugar Shockers + Alternatives

    February is Heart Month, which means we’re talking about… sugar? Absolutely. Even though sodium and saturated fat may be the first to come to mind when you hear “heart health,” more and more science confirms that added sugar is toxic not just for our whole-body health. Today we’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on added sugar, including how much is too much, sneaky sources, and better alternatives.

  • Get the Skinny: Love it, Like it, Hate it – Pasta Sauce

    Craving Italian? Pasta sauce is rich in cancer-fighting lycopene, but it can also be loaded with salt and sugar. Find out Molly’s top picks – and worst bets – in today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it!