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    Pothole of the Day: Stop filling it up with dirt and fix it

    The pothole at N. Miro St. and Mandeville St. in the St. Roch neighborhood became a problem when large trucks started using the street.

  • The late Mike VI photo Courtesy LSU

    LSU’s next Mike the Tiger will no longer attend home games

    LSU's next Mike the Tiger may be a member of the 2017-2018 freshman class.

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    Pothole of the Day: Central Park Pl. and West Park Pl.

    NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A Navarre neighborhood resident says he came home one day about a month ago to a huge pothole on his street. This is the story of that pothole.

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    Naydja Cojoe performs on the Twist Stage

    Naydja Cojoe is performing Friday, January 27, at the Little Gem Saloon at 8 p.m. For more information, check out Naydja Cojoe’s website and find her on Facebook.

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    Pothole of the Day: The seven-year leak

    The street has been leaking at S. Roman St. and Milan St. for seven years, one neighbor tell us. She says the city comes and fixes one leak. Then, six months later, the street springs another leak.

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    Pothole of the Day: New Prieur St. and New Orleans St.

    Neighbors want this pothole on New Prieur St. and New Orleans St. to get fixed before a car gets stuck.

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    Pothole of the Day: Small cars can’t handle it

    Mid-City is a frequently visited location for Pothole of the Day. Add one more. The pothole near the corner of Salcedo St. and Cleveland Ave. is tough on small cars. One neighbor tells us, “It’s really bad for me. I have a Honda Fit. It’s a small car. So, every time you go over it, you hit your bumpers. It’s a pain in the….” All the smaller potholes surrounding it just add to the pain. To get down the street, […]

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    Pothole of the Day: Gentilly pothole makes neighbors feel unsafe

    The pothole near Warrington Dr. and Wildair Dr. in Gentilly started as just a hole. Then someone put planks in it to warn drivers. Then, it got an orange cone on top like a hat. After more than a year, the hole is still there with the planks and with the orange cone hat. Neighbors tell us they are afraid a driver will hit it at night and get hurt. They’ve reported the pothole to the city. But, it’s still there. “I feel […]

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    101 Runners perform ‘Hey Mama’ on the Twist Stage

    The 101 Runners are performing at their 10th Anniversary and Tweflth Night Carnival Kick-Off Party, tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 6), at Tipitina’s. Doors open at 9 p.m. Show starts at 10 p.m.

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    101 Runners perform ‘Let’s Go Get ‘Em’ on the Twist Stage

    The 101 Runners are performing at their 10th Anniversary and Tweflth Night Carnival Kick-Off Party, tomorrow (Friday, Jan. 6), at Tipitina's

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    Anais St. John’s tribute to Donna Summer

    “A lot of people know her as the disco queen. But, many of them don’t know the rest of the story and how she got to be who she was.” Anais St. John wants to tell everyone the rest of the story of Donna Summer. And she’s doing it — how else? — with music. “Last Dance: A Tribute to Donna Summer” is St. John’s celebration of Donna Summer’s music and life. The show is Saturday (Jan. 7)  at the […]

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    Anais St. John performs ‘Last Dance’ on the Twist Stage

    Anais St. John is starring in “Last Dance – a Tribute to Donna Summer” Saturday, Jan.  7, 8 p.m. at the Joy Theater.