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Nice to meet you. I’m Kenny Lopez, but many call me “K-Lo”. I’ve been in the TV biz for almost 10 years. I started off interning for ABC’s Good Morning America, and my journalistic journey kept me in the Big Apple for many years, followed by reporter stints in New Mexico, Texas, California, and most recently… New Orleans starting in 2011.

Here are a few fun facts you may want to know about me:

For six months, I worked with kids as a Teen Disc Jockey for Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas cruise ship. I danced with 80’s Pop star Debbie Gibson at a record store once. Meeting the entire cast of Saved by the Bell is on my bucket list. So far, I’ve met three.

Kenny’s e-mail:

When friends come to visit New Orleans, the first place I take them is … a drive-thru daiquiri shop. Then we head off for some “soul food”—fried chicken.

I’m known around the newsroom for … my high energy and acrobatic antics. If a Justin Timberlake song is playing, I will dance. I’m even known for doing cartwheels into trash cans, by accident and falling off stages while doing back flips. But I like fellow-reporter Vanessa Bolano’s answer better than mine. “Kenny’s known for finding the good in every situation,” she said.

My greatest TV moment … is yet to come.

A TV moment I’d like to forget is … running shirtless “Baywatch”-style on the beach after swimming in the Rio Grande. My photographer tossed me the microphone, so I wouldn’t wet it.

I give back to my community by… entertaining and informing. Years ago, when I became a reporter I told myself I want viewers to see me as their friend. I want them to relate to me, and vice versa. Through my stories, I hope to make you smile, laugh, feel, or think. If I can do one of those things with each story then I know I’ve done my job.

If I had the time I’d like to … hang glide in Brazil. I would zip line in forests all over the world. I’d randomly pay for strangers parking tickets and I would learn how to be a dolphin trainer at Sea World.

My favorite Saints players are … Drew Brees, because he’s a man of integrity and Steve Gleason because he’s one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. Gleason said to me once, “No one knows how to celebrate life and party like the City of New Orleans.” Very true.

In closing, I just want to tell you my motto, which I aim to live by… “Love living and Live loving.” Thanks for watching.

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