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  • More heat early this week

  • High pressure has our area in the hot seat

  • Strong storms forecast Monday

    Tonight a few stray showers. Overnight lows in the mid to low 70s. There is the set up for strong to severe storms, as  a strong cold front races over the Gulf Coast early this week.  The most active time will be Monday night into Tuesday morning. Make sure to keep your NOAA Weather Radios  handy. The strongest storms with this line look to be to the north of New Orleans. Keep with us for the latest.

  • A stormy start to the week

    We will be a bit muggy overnight, with overnight lows bottoming out in the middle 70s. Most of the shower activity has come to a close for tonight. Get ready for some active weather to come our way Monday.  A strong cold front over the Rockies is gearing up to come our way. The clashing of humid air and the colder aloft sets the stage for some strong to severe thunderstorms, Monday night through Tuesday morning. The rest of the […]

  • Temperatures will continue to feel like September

    Clouds begin to thin out as the day progresses, highs look to be rather warm this afternoon. We can expect upper 80s once again.   Dry conditions for Friday night football, temperatures a bit warm at kickoff in the low 80s, middle 70s by the time you leave the bleachers. The muggy conditions hang on through the weekend. Rain chance gradually increase each day. Were looking for some heavier storms to arrive Monday night into Tuesday.    

  • We will wake up in a fog

    A Dense Fog Advisory posted for the north-shore Parishes. Visibilities  could drop below a quarter-mile between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. Thursday morning. Temps are expected to remain a bit muggy the next few days. Highs rise to the upper 80s. A little better chance of light showers Thursday afternoon.  

  • Muggy air wearing out it’s welcome

    Another batch of fog develops overnight. Temperatures bottom out in mid 60s to low 70s. Our current muggy setup will be slow to move away. Highs are forecast to remain above average the rest of the week.

  • Lunar Eclipse followed by fog

    Tonight:  Increasing clouds overnight, mostly mid 60s to lower 70s by day break.  Watch for areas of heavy fog just after sunrise, especially along the rivers. More mid-week heat  keeps our air conditioners working harder than they should be this time of year. Highs top out in the upper 80s. Above normal highs stay with us right through the end of the week.

  • A helping of heat on the weather menu

    Tonight: Overnight lows are going to be mirror image of what we had Monday morning. Middle 60s north and low 70s along the south shore. Well see a little better chance of scattered showers Tuesday afternoon.  Temperatures headed for the upper 80s. Drier air moves in midweek, highs continue to be above average all week-long.