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  • Devour Power spotlights a Jeckyll and Hyde pizza parlor in Metairie

    Zurk hits a pizza place in Metairie that has a real identity crisis.

  • Zurk hits the Donut Hole in LaPlace to talk kalachies and more

    Hey y'all! In our latest Devour Power segment, we ventured out to Laplace to visit the fine folks at the Donut Hole to talk about pastries, breakfast and kalachies.

  • When it comes to winning franks, Dat Dog delivers…

    When it comes to hot dog shops in New Orleans, the Devour Power crew has found a real heavy hitter on Freret Street. Check out Dat Dog.

  • Zurk and Chef Duke help you get your Saints tailgate food to championship form.

    Devour Power teams up with chef Duke Locicero to show off some all-star tailgate dishes that you can make a part of your game day line-up.

  • Zurk checks out Company Burger and Five Guys

    Hey! I've been posting the burger search segments that started Devour Power. Here is the fifth and final installment of the burger series.

  • Burger search part four…

    Hey y’all! Here is the fourth installment of the great burger search series that launched Devour Power. In this episode we caught up with two restaurants that took very different approaches to the cheeseburger. We visited Phill’s Grill (3020 Severn Ave. Metairie) and Juicy Lucy’s (133 N. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans). At Phill’s Grill, you are the burger boss. Phill’s lets you create your burger from the bun up every time you visit. Burger King may talk about “having it […]

  • Burger search part three…

    Hi there! Here is the third installment in the five-part series about NOLA’s burger joints. In this segment we checked in at Cowbell (8801 Oak St. New Orleans) and Tru Burger (8115 Oak St. New Orleans). Both restaurants are on Oak Street , which a pretty good street for eats. Cowbell is more than just a burger joint. It has a fun and eclectic menu that serves up something for almost everyone. I had one of their burgers with White […]

  • Burger search hits Beachcorner and Swamp Room…

    Hey y’all! Here is the second part of our five-part series spotlighting the various burger places in the New Orleans area. The first stop is at the Beachcorner (4905 Canal St. New Orleans). This place is a great little spot to have a burger and drinks. They have a variety of burgers to try. One of their staples is the “hickory burger”. If you are a fan of grilled onions, cheddar cheese and a smokey BBQ sauce you will love […]

  • Burger series part 1, the birth of Devour Power…

    Hey folks! I wanted to reset some of my Devour Power segments for our website. I don’t think that there is a better place to start than at the beginning. So, here is the first of five segments we did on New Orleans’ burger establishments. When I got started on this assignment, I probably called twelve to fourteen restaurants. When the dust had settled, ten places including iconic spots like Port of Call, The Swamp Room, and The Beachcorner made […]