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Anne Cutler here… morning anchor extraordinaire! If you watch our newscasts, you may have seen me zooming by at 175 mph on a motorcycle, trudging through knee deep waters in flooded homes or interviewing celebrities on the red carpet.

I’m a Californian by birth, but New Orleans is home. Before moving to the Crescent City, I worked in California, Wyoming and Nevada. My husband Joe is a proud U.S. Marine, we have a little munchkin named Beauregard, along with two furry beagle-children, Bruin and Royce. We keep busy on the weekends renovating our 130-year-old Uptown home. If you’d like to follow the progress, you can check out my blog,

It’s tough to decide my most memorable TV experience. I recall reporting from the fire-lines in Reno while an entire neighborhood burned behind me, covering the sudden death of a beloved U.S. Senator in Wyoming while fighting back tears and fulfilling a childhood dream of meeting a sloth at the Audubon Zoo. That’s the best part about my job. Every day is a new adventure!

If you ever have a story idea, comment or suggestion, I’d love to hear from you. You can find me on Facebook at, on Twitter @AnneCutler, on Instagram @AnneCutler and on Pinterest as HammerandHeels.

Recent Articles
  • Community group tries to find middle ground on Confederate monument debate

    The debate over removing New Orleans' Confederate monuments continues. Tuesday, the unofficial "Monumental Task Committee" will host a public meeting to find solutions for those controversial Confederate statues.

  • Outtake of Good Morning New Orleans’ promo shoot

    When asked to walk toward the camera together, the GMNO morning team had more than a few questions. At least Anne and Jacki did.


    Schools remain closed after Friday’s fire

    Two schools in LaPlace remain closed after a fire broke out early Friday morning. Officials say classes will likely be cancelled at East St. John Elementary for the next two to three weeks.

  • Iran and Western powers arrive at nuclear deal

    (CNN) — After long and painful negotiations, Iran and world powers have reached a potentially historic deal to curb Tehran’s nuclear activities. What was at stake? What does the deal mean? What happens next? Here are quick answers to some pressing questions, designed to get you up to speed on this important story: What’s the deal in a nutshell? Diplomats from the United States, the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany have finally completed a deal with Iran meant to […]

  • More controversy for Harper Lee’s new novel

    (CNN) — The book is not even out, and readers are already rebelling. Harper Lee’s “Go Set a Watchman” hits stores Tuesday, 55 years after “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The book is hotly anticipated but not without controversy. (Spoiler Alert: Don’t read the next paragraph if you don’t want to know more.) It purportedly recasts Atticus Finch, the moral center of Harper’s first book, as racist. Hearts broke across Twitter. Lee completed “Go Set a Watchman” in the 1950s. The […]

  • Mayor marries a crocodile — no word on whether he kissed the bride

    The mayor of San Pedro Huamelula, Mexico got married Tuesday. He got hitched to a crocodile, dressed to the nines in the traditional white!

  • Crews battle widespread wildfires in Washington state

    (CNN) — Randy Dawson called 911 when he spotted flames near his house in central Washington state. It wasn’t long before the fast-moving blaze came even closer. “I saw … the fire start down the road from us about 200 yards and race up the hill and right by our house,” Dawson told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront.” Now, a day after the wildfire fire burned past Dawson’s home, the blaze has devoured about 3,000 acres. And thanks to triple-digit temperatures […]

  • 20150626 sustainable seafood

    Bloggers, chefs and local experts look creatively at preserving seafood industry

    You may not know Julie Qiu, but she could help shape the future of the seafood industry in Louisiana. Julie's a world-renowned oyster blogger, speaking this weekend at the first-ever Sustainable Seafood Blog Conference in New Orleans.

  • Sneaky stowaway takes high-flying ride

    This is the story of an instructor and a passenger flying in an ultralight airplane, when suddenly the cat’s out of the bag, or at least out of the wing. Not that anyone noticed at first. The two were flying over French Guiana in South America when pilot Roman Jantot did a doubletake. He called it, “that whoops moment.”  As in, whoops how did I miss the cat asleep or hiding in the fabric of the wing when doing the […]

  • Viewer convinces Anne she may be a cat lady after all

    If you watch Good Morning New Orleans, you may know Jacki’s a self-proclaimed cat lady. Anne on the other hand, is not. Thursday, we featured a kitten from the LA SPCA promoting this weekend’s “Kitty Carnival.” As a dog lover, Anne posted on Facebook that she thought the kitten was cute… for a cat. The backlash was immediate, with cat lovers everywhere trying to convince her to hop on the feline bandwagon. One viewer may have actually convinced her. Firefighter […]

  • Deadly church shooting being called a hate crime

    (CNN) — He’s white, slightly built and in his early 20s — and police say he walked into a Charleston, South Carolina, church and fatally shot nine people as they attended Bible study class. That man is now at the center of a major manhunt. Police released a flier Thursday morning with details of the suspect in the attack on the historic African-American church as they appealed for help to track him down as quickly as possible. Charleston Police Chief […]

  • Suspects arrested for ‘inside job’ casino robbery

    Four people are under arrest in connection with a robbery at the Jubilee Casino in Schriever, LA.