Help the movement to end hate on the National Day of Racial Healing next week

NEW ORLEANS -- The Foundation for Louisiana is reaching out to the public to help support the "National Day of Racial Healing" next Tuesday.

They'd like people to join the movement to end racism and heal as a community.

They held a special event reaching out to the public Friday at the Ashe Power House Theater on Baronne Street.

The organization plans on working with schools and other institutions to change the narrative when it comes to equality, trying to make changes to politics, healthcare, economics, the criminal justice system, and access to jobs and education.

They want to eliminate a belief in the hierarchy of human value, ending misconceptions and generalizations.

The W.K. Kellog foundation provided the FFL with a $3 million grant, but their president & CEO Flozell Daniels says your help is needed with this effort,
and that this movement will be driven by the community.

"It's really critical that people come out and engage in the conversation, but actually get involved with the actual work We need more people in New Orleans to come and join hands with us, so w can actually make progress on eliminating racial inequity," Daniels said. "We're in a community that has reduced its jail size historically, we're in a community that has made tremendous progress on increasing job opportunities for African American men. We know what it looks like to be successful, we are inviting people to join us in this conversation -- and in the work -- because we know we can make even more progress if more people join us."

If you want to take part in the National Day of Racial Healing, go to

There will be a free concert by award winning jazz and gospel vocalist Lizz Wright at 7 p.m. Tuesday, January 16, at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for the Performing Arts.

You can learn more information at