The Tainerz are headed ‘One Way’ to the top

NEW ORLEANS -- The Tainerz is a New Orleans trio of teens who have a goal to ride their single "One Way" to the top of the entertainment world.

Deelo, Dallas, and T. Daddie signed a partnership with Roc Nation, the talent company founded by Jay Z. That means they join big names like Rihanna under the same management umbrella.

"It means we made a step forward, a step higher," says T. Daddie. "Rihanna's under Roc Nation. And Jay Z himself. I mean, just the name. You know. So, to be signed by that is another step forward. You just gotta keep on pushing to get where Jay Z is at."

There single "One Way" is about that journey. There's only one way for the Tainerz. And, that way is forward and beyond where they are now.

"We are shooting for a positive music, you know," says T. Daddie. "I mean, not the profanity that some artists use today, that put poison in a young kid's head."

The Tainerz also have a single out called "I Know You're Lyin'."

For more information, check out the Tainerz website.