Women accused of smoking pot in car with toddlers in the back seat

HAMMOND, LA — The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office says it arrested two women who were found smoking what is believed to be pot inside of a car.  Deputies say there were two toddlers in the back seat at the time.

They say it happened on Sept. 19 at a restaurant parking lot on North Morrison Boulevard in Hammond.  Two TPSO deputies were on their lunch break when they say they walked past a car and smelled a, “…strong and overwhelming odor of burnt marijuana.”

Deputies say they saw two women smoking pot in the car — in plain sight — with two small children in the back seat.

The women are identified as 24-year-old Shadreka Addison and 21-year-old Karen Jones, both of Independence.

Deputies say they searched the car and found a clear plastic bag with what appeared to be burnt marijuana cigars.

The TPSO says marijuana possession is a misdemeanor.  But possessing or consuming illegal narcotics in the presence of a minor is a felony.

Deputies identify Addison as the mother of the two children.  They say Addison’s children were released into the custody of family members.

Both women were booked with a list of charges including drug possession and contributing to the delinquency of  a juvenile.