Love it, Like it, Hate it: Vegan & Plant-Based Cheese

Vegan cheese isn’t exactly known for its flavor and meltability – it sure sounds more nutritious, though. But have you ever really looked at the ingredients in store-bought vegan cheese?  Starch and oil top ingredients of many – not exactly what you’d call nutritious, either. In today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it segment, we’re Getting the Skinny with Molly on best & worst bets of vegan cheeses on shelves!


Miyoko’s Creamery

  • Better flavor, texture, and definitely better meltability than most vegan cheeses
  • 5 grams protein
  • Ingredients: Organic cashews, chickpea miso, nutritional yeast, sea salt, cultures
  • Per ounce: 130 calories, 10 grams fat, 1.5 grams sat fat, 170 mg sodium 8 grams carb, <1 gram fiber, 1 gram sugar, 5 grams protein


Lisanatti Foods Original Almond Cheddar-Style Cheese (not vegan)

  • Ingredients: Organic almonds, casein (milk progrein), non-GMO canola oil, potato starch…
  • Per ounce: 70 calories, 4 grams fat, 0 sat fat, 210 mg sodium, 3 grams carbs, <1 gram fiber, 0 sugar, 6 grams protein



Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Cheddar

  • Ingredients include: Water, organic soybean oil, soymilk powder, natural flavors, inulin, agar-agar, nutritional yeast, sea salt, soy protein
  • Per ounce: 90 calories, 9 grams fat, 1.5 grams sat fat, 170 mg sodium, 2 grams carb, 1 gram fiber, 0 sugar, 1 gram protein

GoVeggie Cheese Slices

  • Ingredients include: Water, potato maltodextrin, rice maltodextrin, canola oil, pea protein, carrageenan, sea salt, natural vegan flavors….
  • Per ounce: ~52 calories, 3 grams fat, 0 sat fat, 225 mg sodium, 7.5 grams carb, 0 fiber, 0 sugar, 1.5 grams protein

Daiya Cheddar-Style Slices

  • Ingredients include: water, tapioca starch, coconut oil, non-GMO canola and/or safflower oil, pea protein isolate, vegan natural flavors, sea salt, xanthan gum, yeast extract, carrageenan…
  • Per ounce: ~90 calories, 7.5 grams fat, 3 grams sat fat, 240 mg sodium, 6 grams carbs (fiber + sugar not included), 1.5 grams protein


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