Pizza and the Playbook: Willie Fritz

New Orleans-- This week on Pizza and the Playbook, Tulane Head Football Coach Willie Fritz sits-down with Karen Loftus  to talk about high fours (not high fives), his doppelganger and of course #RollWave.

KL: "We know that social media is everything these days. For Tulane, 'Roll Wave' is the hashtag. How many times a day do you say, 'Roll Wave'?"

WF: "Oh, probably 10 to 20 times a day."

KL: "Oh, that's it?"

WF: "Something like that. We say it quite often. When I'm tweeting something out or texting something to a prospect I use it as well."

KL: "I've seen a lot of teams, when you go into the 4th quarter, everybody holds-up the 'four.' Well, I saw you guys in your game-- you guys give each other high fours."

WF: "That's exactly right. You're very observant. A couple years ago I read an interesting article about the Miami Heat versus the Dallas Mavericks. This person did a study on how many times during the game the Dallas Mavericks were touching and congratulating each other-- having more contact with their teammates. It was almost a 5 to 1 ratio with the Heat. It just makes it a closer team. You notice the successful teams are very, very close teams."

KL: "I've decided that Cris Collinsworth is your doppelganger. Have you gotten that before?"

WF: "Never heard that one. That's a first. I thought you were going to say George Clooney. I've had that one quite often-- No, I'm just kidding."

KL: "You're from outside Kansas City. Are you a Chiefs and Royals fan?"

WF: "You know I was when I lived there but now I'm a Saints fan. I tell our kids all the time, if you cheer for an NFL team, it's the Saints first, second and third."

KL: "I saw that you're one of 7 kids. How was that growing up?"

WF: "It was excellent. You know, my dad's a former coach. All of us got some type of athletic scholarship to college."

KL: "All of you?"

WF: "Yeah, from gymnastics to swimming, soccer, football obviously, baseball, basketball."

KL: "Final question-- what's your favorite type of pizza."

WF: "You know, I like meat lovers pizza, which we've got here at Mid City Pizza. They do a great job. I've only had one bite but I'm looking forward to digging-in here in a moment."

KL: "Alright, me too!"