Local and fresh on Luke’s Coolinary menu

NEW ORLEANS - It's COOLinary month, which means lunch under $20 and dinner under $39 at over 70 great restaurants around town. Here's what we're drinking at  Luke with our delicious meal.

At Luke, we're drinking a French 75. This drink is a perfect match to enrich any meal.  Made with cognac, lemon and champagne, the French 75 is a real classic.

At Luke Coolinary Lunch, be sure to check out their special entrees that change every day.

Check out Luke's Coolinary Menu:

Lunch Menu

First Course

Cup of Soup

Second Course

Entrée of the Day


Dinner Menu

First Course

Brussels Sprouts 
(Demi Portion)

Second Course

Shrimp & Cavatelli Étouffée

Third Course

Buttermilk Panna Cotta