Saints fullback John Kuhn has the keys to a winning season

NEW ORLEANS-- The myth of the "dumb jock" has been foiled.

At Saints camp, Twist reporter Meghan Kluth caught up with fullback John Kuhn to test him on his best subjects. Kuhn started off strong recalling his chemistry facts from college. However, the former Green Bay Packer fell when it came is to his knowledge of Wisconsin's treasure, cheese.

While he may not be too well-versed in diary knowledge, Kuhn maintained his Midwestern roots. When asked what the name of a country song for his life would be, Kuhn confidently responded, "'I Came From Wisconsin.'"

During his time as a Packer, Kuhn starred with former teammate Clay Matthews in a Campbell's soup commercial. The short clip must have really made an impression, because according to Kuhn, if he could only eat one soup for the rest of his life, he's choosing tomato with grilled cheese.

Another anecdote from his Green Bay days is the drawn out chant "KUUUUUHN." Saints fans have continued this tradition for the offensive lineman. And while some may say it sounds like "BOOO," John Kuhn knows the difference.

"It doesn't sound like boo! You can always tell the Kuhn!" said Kuhn, laughing.

No matter where he came from or what he eats, one thing is for certain: New Orleans is ready for another season of Sundays with John Kuhn.