Las Vegas marijuana party bus tours on hold

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Now that recreational marijuana is legal, some business owners have said they want to cash in, but Nevada law is stricter than other states.

“I was blindsided when I got the call,” owner of Highway Tours Las Vegas Michael Stevens said.

Stevens is one of a handful of entrepreneurs who have said they are interested in pursuing the marijuana bus tour business.

“Everything I have is invested in this,” Stevens said.

Stevens said he spent his life savings on launching a marijuana tour bus. He said the tour would take place on a party bus where people could get high while visiting the strip and downtown Las Vegas. His plans were put on hold. As it stands consuming marijuana in a moving car is illegal.

“It’s very frustrating because I was told they were going to model after Colorado,” Stevens said.

Even though recreational marijuana is now legal in Nevada, people can’t smoke it, eat it, or use it in a moving car or party bus.

“We though worst case scenario we’d park somewhere and let them consume,” Stevens said.

According to state law, a consumer can only use marijuana at home.

A spokesperson with Clark County said there is a rise in businesses interested in pursuing pot tourism in the county. However, it is illegal.

Stevens said he is putting his dream on hold. He has been running a pot tour where guests visit different dispensaries and grow sites, then consume at their own private residence.